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  • Hello,

    Lately after upgrading WP to version 5.7 I start getting false critical alert message from WP site health as follows:
    1 critical issue
    There are problems with the HTTPS connection of your websiteSecurity
    Your WordPress Address is set up to use HTTPS, but your website appears to be unavailable when using an HTTPS connection.
    Talk to your web host about resolving this HTTPS issue for your website.
    Learn more about why you should use HTTPS(opens in a new tab)

    in fact my website is using https and I checked with many https detection sites and all reported that my website is using https connection, also my hosting provider said there is no problem with my SSL certificates and my website is using https for all connections.

    Also, my website is forced to use https in my htaccess file so there is no way that my site is using http as reported by WP site health!!

    so why is this happening here?! why WP is reporting this false alert?!

    Please help,
    Thank you

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  • Hi

    I think that issue has been detected and logged

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    So what that means?

    does it mean that WP will fix this issue in the next update 5.7.1?

    Pls. reply


    At the end of the ticket is a button called ‘Watch’ you can use that to follow the progress.

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    Hello guys,

    Thank you all for your comments on my topic, but I just want to update you with my new discovery about the topic

    in fact after long investigation, I found out that there is no problem with WP 5.7 update and the alert I was getting about my HTTPS connection from WP site health is correct.

    In fact, I found that the problem is I’m using Cloud Flare connection and I had made a page rules to exclude some pages from the traffic and some of the URL links I provided I write http:// instead of using https:// and that is why WP was detecting this connection problem.

    After I corrected my entries from http:// to https:// in Cloud Flare the critical alert message from WP site health disappeared and now my WP site health is giving status “Good” and no more errors 🙂

    I’m happy that WP is so good even to detect such entry and happy that I found the fix.

    I hope this thread will help you all

    thank you again and many thanks to all WordPress team

    All the best.

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