• This plugin has been doing false “ghost” backups, which is completely horrible! I got the confirmation that both my sites had been backed up. I checked the calendar for a restore point and nothing is there. I check my wasabi buckets, and nothing is there. I use FileZilla to check where the backup files should be, and nothing is there. The absolutely worse thing that someone can experience while building a site is thinking their site is backed up when it’s not. The trial version was fine but when I got a paid plan, that’s when everything went downhill. It takes about 3 days for a response from customer service, only for them to tell you things like “Stop it and start a fresh backup”, very elementary advice that didn’t work. I also had trouble establishing plugin-server communication. I had to delete and reinstall multiple times to get even the basic functions to work. Just be aware that even if it says your site is backed up, it’s probably not. To be fair, I have a larger photography site that I believe this plugin just can’t handle. ManageWP and WP Vivid are far better options.

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    Hi Kendrix,

    Sorry that you had this experience. Plugin connection issues are beyond our control it has something to do with your server or firewall. As you said it worked great on trial and it stopped working after a while. Moving to a paid plan we don’t change anything. In fact all the configuration is on your WP site.

    We did ask for FTP credentials to check the connection issues but we had those requests ignored. We would be still willing to look in depth. Once again I apologise for the trouble caused. Though in this case it’s beyond our control.

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    I didn’t say it worked great, I said it worked. I didn’t change anything on my end from the trial to the paid option, everything stayed the same so something had to change on your end. During my research, I saw that many other people with bigger sites had these issues with false backups as well so I doubt its something we are all doing wrong.

    Your requests to access my site did not get ignored, it was denied. I didn’t provide you with my credentials this time because of the problems I had after the last time I gave you guys credentials to my site. I’ve given customer service my credentials before and it just led to more problems. If you go back through all the emails and tickets that I’ve created, you would see all the problems I’ve reported.

    I’m also sorry that I’m having these problems. If you guys were this attentive and involved in the first place maybe I wouldn’t have this problem and I wouldn’t be out $299.

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