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  • I have a question about the faked folders plugin. What would the url of the faked folder page look like if I didn’t use the htaccess thing? It says says that the file would be large faking a folder would it be to large to worry about or not. I am afraid also of installing it.

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  • I have lots of questions about it. lol. Where is your email? I don’t even see it on your site. I would really like to use your plugin because I have tried every hack thinkable and I can’t get the cms to work like I want it.
    Will the 3.0 version need the plugin framework? I never heard of it and don’t want to mess my wordpress up anymore. PHP is easy to do that you know.

    Still don’t see the mail link. I am glad it doesn’t need the framework. To many plugins going on is a bad thing. lol.
    When will 3.0 be out. I will use it. I will check your site tomorrow for an email link. I will email you and when I install 3.0 you will prob have to help me. I am horrible at php. Even thought it is a lot like java.

    Oops, I was referring to this thread. Or just click here.

    Email sent.

    Faked folders is the best static page plugin you can find, but the new nightlies have static pages inbuilt.
    They’re not as friendly or as useful as Steve’s plugin but I’m banging my head against them in order to find out what I like, don’t like, and what I think is a bug.

    Haha, thanks Guvner!!!
    And I’ve been trying to keep up with the nightlies too. 🙂 WP’s take on static pages is interesting, but I still have a few ideas to implement on Faked Folders. What really bothers me is that Matt&Co have reworked the post-management, making plugin compatibility either really easy or really really hard (I can’t figure out which yet). 😉
    And hey, while you’re up to all that testing, let me know if you think up anything you want in Faked Folders!

    Maybe a stupid question, but how do I uninstall this plugin?
    I have had trouble using it together with Kitten’s ShowCategories. I have a page where i filter out all posts except in one category. Now i get the sorry, no messages ……… (the search=not found message).

    I searched for hours for a static page plugin with this capability…it’s awesome….just what I needed! I’m using v1.2 with ZERO issues as of yet.
    Great Work!!

    I get a simlar problem with post not found…

    I have installed this plugin but have no idea what to put on my entrys to have my categories and my archives on a folder with their names…
    What are the benefits to install this? better indexing on the search engines?

    I’ve just installed Faked Folders and am on my first foray with it. I’ve encountered the “you need an .htaccess file” message:

    Failed to find .htaccess file. If you wish to use this plugin completely please ensure that this file exists and it has the correct permissions.

    What are the correct permissions? (I’m not so geeky that I can recall them off the top of my head. It requires forays into support fora and google searches to find out) On a related note, why not spell that out in the plugin itself, similar to the way that WP has the required chmod settings n the button for the templates. Hrm, on that note, maybe I’ll try 666 and see if it works)

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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