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  • Plugin Author Todd Lahman


    People who have downloaded and used Spam Free WordPress know you are full of it.

    Are you referring to those who have downloaded and used it recently? I’m one of those people. It doesn’t work, and is nothing but an advertisement for a premium plugin.

    Your own words quoted here:
    “Simple Comments [paid plugin] is the official replacement for Spam Free WordPress.”

    “The free Spam Free WordPress plugin was scaled back when it was replaced by Simple Comments. Some spam bots can get past the spam blocking found in Spam Free WordPress, because it is much weaker than the spam blocking in Simple Comments.I would suggest upgrading to Simple Comments, which offers a free trial so you can make sure it works before buying it.”

    Not to mention that the ENTIRE DESCRIPTION on for ‘Spam Free WordPress’ is an ad for your premium plugin, instead of actually describing this plugin.

    When this plugin is activated, the user must scroll to well below the fold to see the only two minor settings this plugin includes, because the top nine-tenths of the page is devoted to marketing your paid plugin. This includes four links to your paid plugin and a coupon code for 10% off.

    I tested this plugin myself with Akismet turned off, and multiple spam comments sailed right by your plugin. It doesn’t work.

    I stand by my earlier comment.

    Plugin Author Todd Lahman


    I also stand by my description of Spam Free WordPress, it is much weaker than Simple Comments, which is why Simple Comments is offered as an alternative. The “two minor settings” are not needed for most people, since Spam Free WordPress is already configured for most blogs out-of-the-box. Spam Free WordPress works for the majority of people, if not then you need something stronger. That’s not a bait and switch. I explain this on the Spam Free WordPress description page, and in the plugin itself to make it clear, so the person downloading it KNOWS IN ADVANCE, as you did, because you read the information I provided. Spam Free WordPress can be used as a good test to know if you need something stronger like Simple Comments. Here’s what it says in Spam Free WordPress:

    Spam Free WordPress is a free plugin that can help block automated comment spam. The protection is great for some small blogs, but other blogs that are targeted by spammers need something more powerful.

    Simple Comments was created to provide powerful spambot and hackbot protection for nearly all the forms on a blog, including the comment form. The protection is so powerful we’ve never had a customer complain that spam made it past Simple Comments, and yet no legitamate comments are ever blocked (no false positives), like you get from competing services like Akismet.

    Spam can damage a blog’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reputation, and credibility with customers and readers, so it is crtical to be sure spam never appears anywhere on your blog, especially if you are selling products, or care about your reputation.

    Simple Comments doesn’t just protect against automated spambots, it also protects against automated hackbots. The consequences of a hacked blog range from your blog sending out messages to everyone who has an account, to negative posts and comments that appear to be from you, and can even cause your entire blog and database to be deleted. Simple Comment uses unique and innovative technology that is constantly improving to protect your blog.

    Spam Free WordPress doesn’t work for everyone, I wrote that message out as clearly as I could, and you even repeated it. There are a lot of plugins on that promote an upgrade to a paid plugin, which is within the guidelines, so once again there is no bait and switch. I am just trying to help. If my free Spam Free WordPress plugin doesn’t work for you, then my paid plugin Simple Comments will. There’s nothing wrong with charging for a commercial solution to a difficult problem.

    I think you have my comments confused with someone else’s. I am not one of the people who were astute enough to call this a bait-and-switch. The three other comments calling this a bait-and-switch are here (two such comments; one a reply to the first)
    and here:

    (My favorite comment was from the person who called this “ransomware.”)

    I’m only calling this plugin “fake,” a “front for a paid plugin,” “non-functional,” and a “complete waste of time,” and would like to know why it is even taking up space in the repository if it has been *replaced* by a paid plugin, per you.

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