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[Resolved] Failure

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  • Plugin Author vjalby


    You must use a local path, e.g.,

    [foldergallery folder="/wp-content/uploads/xyz/" title="Gallery title"]

    I continued to try a few more things to the path. The gallery shows-up when the photo folder is right in the root of WordPress. From what I see of your demo page, I should be able to have a deeper path but …

    Plugin Author vjalby


    What kind of failure did you get? Missing images, error message? Could you send me an URL? Also, be sure to check the directory permissions.

    Well, I had the plugin working by putting the photo folders at the root of WordPress. But after a few clicks on the thumbnails, instead of a lightbox, I now get the selected photo as a page (and have to use Alt+Backspace to return to the gallery page). I do have another, much simpler lightbox running that works fine, and disabling it doesn’t change anything.

    My URL is http://bethisraelsc.org/photos/

    Plugin Author vjalby


    Your page loads 2 different versions of JQuery. One (1.8.3) from WordPress itself, and one (1.7.2) from Google. I assume another plugin load it, maybe ‘lightbox-panel’ or something like that. Could you try to disable it, so I can check you site again?

    I deactivated “Simple Light Box” and “Google Analyticator”.

    I’m convinced it’s the host. It was kind of you to give me your time.

    Plugin Author vjalby


    I don’t think it’s the host but I cannot find where the problem is.
    Could you try to update folder gallery plugin to 0.95 ?

    I updated when you issued it. So, if it’s not the host, how can I assist you in determining my problem? I will tell you that it’s running just fine one my working server (on my desk).

    Plugin Author vjalby


    Your page loads 3 different versions of JQuery. That’s where the problem is.

    – One JQuery is loaded by your theme : <script type="text/javascript" src="http://bethisraelsc.org/wp-content/themes/CBI/js/jquery-1.4.2.min.js">
    You can modify you source theme or at least remove (rename is enough) the file ‘/wp-content/themes/CBI/js/jquery-1.4.2.min.js’

    – The second is loaded in the footer of your page : <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js"></script>
    Not sure if it’s hardcode in your theme or if it comes from a plugin. It seems to be related to a lightbox-panel (but not to simple lightbox plugin). You must disabled the script too (but I don’t know how !)

    – The third is WP version (1.8.3) and it’s OK!

    I was able to run your page locally. With the 3 JQuery, folder-gallery doesn’t work. If I remove the first 2 (directly from the page source), it works !

    You’re right, it was another plugin. I deleted every plugin I suspected of using JQuery, and Folder Gallery works, again. I’m going to upload and reactivate each of the deleted plugins to determine which it was. I’m very, very grateful to you for your trouble.

    Do you have the energy to talk about the folder path-ing problem? I can leave it as it is but I’m an ‘organization neurotic’.

    Plugin Author vjalby


    Great! Let’s talk about path… I’ve seen you put your photos at the root of the website.

    You should try to put your gallery inside the wp-content directory. For instance, if you upload a picture directory at

    {root} /wp-content/galleries/my-photo-gallery

    you have to use the shortcode

    [foldergallery folder="/wp-content/galleries/my-photo-gallery" title="My Photo Gallery"]

    Tell me how it works.

    My first support message to you (at the top of this page) says, “I get `Folder Gallery Error: Unable to find the directory ‘http://bethisraelsc.org/wp-content/uploads/xyz”

    for my path

    “[foldergallery folder=”http://bethisraelsc.org/wp-content/uploads/xyz/” title=”Gallery title”]”

    I just tried it, again, with the same error message.

    Plugin Author vjalby


    As I told you before, you must use a local path :

    [foldergallery folder="/wp-content/uploads/xyz/" title="Gallery title"]

    If it’s still not working, send me the page URL (with the non working gallery) and I will try to figure what’s happen.

    I misspoke. I followed your example when you first told me but the ‘can’t find that folder’ error still came up. I’ve created a non-public page with an example of a gallery error. You can find it at


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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