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  • Hi All:

    I am attempting to upgrade WordPress Version 2.0 to 2.6 using the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin.

    I hope someone can help with this.

    I upgraded two blogs so far with the WordPress Automatic Upgrader successfully.

    Both wound up with *empty categories!* The first I fixed as best I could as there were only 3 entries in the blog and I did not care much what happened to it.

    The second, I received help from the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin creator Keith.

    I was so confident that I could do it again I set out to do just that on one of my bigger blogs. NOT GOOD… yet!


    I am attempting to upgrade an old review blog of mine with lots of content. It is here: (Version 2.0)

    The WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plug successfully backed up the blog files and the database. I thought I was home free.

    At the part where the plugin downloaded the newest version of WordPress 2.6 here is what happened…

    PROBLEM: Automatic Upgraded Failed:

    Here is error part of the log. I have the full log is you need it:

    Task Name: getlatestfiles
    Task Description: Downloads / Uploads the latest files for wordpress
    Task Status: Failed
    Task Start Date: 2008-07-31 14:40:42
    Task End Date: 2008-07-31 14:40:44
    Task Log: Starting to download the file from
    Downloading the files using Snoopy
    Unzipping the files to /home/blogview/public_html//wpau-backup/ERROR -> Could not unarchive the file maybe it is a corrupted archive.
    Please delete all the files before you can do this. Refresh or click here to delete all the files

    What do now?

    I did change the permissions as was a suggested fix, but it did not help.

    I really don’t understand any of this, but from the error message it seems that it is on the WordPress site with the download, but I am not sure. I tried this from 4-6 times with the same error message.

    Can anyone please help me with this. I am stopped dead! THANK YOU!!!

    Please advise.

    Roz (not upgraded to 2.6)

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  • IF you can’t help with the problem I am having with the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin above…

    Could someone PLEASE tell me how I can do the upgrade *manually!*

    Maybe the manual upgrade will work and I can move on.

    PLEASE, if you can help.

    I am using WP 2.0. This was my first blog. I have so much in there is would be terrible to just have to delete it and start over.

    Thanks in advance.




    Volunteer Moderator

    I hope you read guide to upgrading your WordPress install specially backing up the files and database.
    You can try the slow but sure method I used, see suggestion in this thread.
    Good luck.

    Dear Mercime:

    Thanks so much for your response.

    While I think my blog is still in tack and I do have the backup from the part of the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin was successful, perhaps I should ask my host to restore the blog back to what it was a week ago.

    I had not posted on that blog for a while. I was in the process of resurrecting it. I did not want to lose the years of entries and thoughts I shared.

    Thanks for the links.

    I am wondering, IF perhaps before I do this, since I know it might have to be restored by my host anyway… Perhaps I should try the upgrade in Fantastico. I never had much luck with that before, but who knows!

    I will visit the sites you so graciously suggested and print out the info.

    Thanks again.


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