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  • immortaleye


    Looking at the screenshots and reviews I was optimistic this would do what I wanted. A simple plain highlight box around a section of text to draw clients eyes to it.

    Unfortunately the plugin tires to be too clever and for me ends up failing miserably.

    All the default options have silly icons and gradients. Fine if you like that sort of thing but if you don’t you are stuffed. In theory they can be changed in practice it is a nightmare as the only means provided for altering any colours is an idiotic swatch you dabble around on in the hope of getting something near what you want.

    Incredibly there seems no way at all to simply enter a hex number! If you don’t want a gradient or don’t want the title block a different colour you are stuffed as the chances of getting hex numbers exactly the same this way are precisely zero.

    Spoilt for me by the silliest of oversights

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