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  • My twitter embeds are randomly failing. The symptoms are these:-
    1. I edit a post.
    2. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.
    3. I edit it again, make absolutely no changes, and it either breaks or starts working.
    4. It breaks far more often than it works (probably 90%). When it “breaks” the link, which should be the embedded tweet, is clickable – but it completely destroys the visual aspect of the site.
    This is insanely frustrating and has been bugging me for well over a week – I’ve searched extensively but cannot find any actual solutions.
    Please note there is no plugin installed for tweet processing, since with 3.4 it is now native.
    An example “failed” post is:-
    An example “working post” is:-
    an example of the embed that will fail is:-

    <h6>A terrible thing about fame, is how often arrogance accompanies its arrival.</h6>
    <h6>Change, the catalyst.</h6>

    Could this possibly be a caching issues, where the sites internal cache is somehow getting corrupted? I would be extremely grateful for any solutions, hopefully with an explanation as to why this is happening.

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  • As an added note, this has nothing to do with the browsers cashe – when the post is broken, it is broken in multiple browsers.

    The example, failed post above, is now working – I’m not going to break it again, but scrolling back through ealier posts you’ll see other examples of the break, I think 13 has just a single failed tweet.

    I’m getting scared of touching the site – this is not a good thing.

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