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  • Curious !! I first used this plugin on theme TwentySeventeen and it’s fine. Now I’m installing it on theme TwentyNineteen and it crashes my WP. WP version is the same (5.5.1) and using about the same plugins. However, if I deactivate all plugins it still crashes my WP !!

    Any suggestion?

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  • Plugin Author yydevelopment


    Hey there, hard to say what crashes the site.

    Do you get some kind of error on the site related to the plugin?

    And just to make sure, you say that you deactivate all the plugins including this plugin on the site and it’s still not working? If you didn’t deactivated the plugin try to do it if you have access to wp-admin or try to remove it from the hosting side (ask help from your hosting support if you don’t know how to do it).

    If the plugin is not active and the site still not working that mean the problem is not coming from the plugin but from other source.

    This plugin is working fine over TwentySeventeen, not over TwentyNineteen.
    And I deactived all plugins except this one and WP still crashes. When I have all plugins working but not yours, everything runs fine. Got it?

    Plugin Author yydevelopment


    Hey, i have just checked it on TwentyNineteen and it seems to be working fine.

    It’s possible it clashing with other plugin you are using or it’s related to the code you are inserting.

    1) Try replace the code you inserted with some random code like “sssssssss”. If that fix the problem that mean the problem is the code you are inserting.

    2) On the plugin page you can try and select this checkbox and see if that help “Check this if your theme supports wp_body_open action (make the way the body tag getting loaded faster)”

    If that doesn’t work and unless you have some kind of error you are getting related to the plugin files there is nothing i can do to help and you can simply try different plugin that offer similar functions.

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    Thank you for the support.

    I replaced your plugin by another one and it’s perfect, no problems at all! And I didn’t change anything on my site, only your plugin was replaced. I’m afraid I will remove your plugin too in the other WP site I have, running over TwentySeventeen, even not being causing any problem…

    Complementary information: your plugin doesn’t work on another theme as well, Leo.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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