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    This has been an on and off project for me. I have yet to complete a single step on the first try. I’m here to ask for help.

    I am hosted by fatcow.
    I dowloaded the wordpress into a folder home/blog/wordpress. Then I expanded it. I open the readme file.

    Unzip, done
    I copy wp-config-sample.php and save as wp-config.php

    I opened wp-config and update the info. I have the name of theDB, I have the userid I created for the DB for wordpreess, I have the password (check double check, changed, check, double checked)
    I didn’t change the local host

    I didn’t change the tablee prefix bit

    I didn’t change the WPLANG bit

    I didn’t change anything after the “Stop that is the end” bit.

    wp-admin/install.php and it tells me it can’t connect to the DB

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you for your patience and attention. I will be happy to provide further details.

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  • when you first uploaded wordpress into /blog/ – did you upload the wordpress FOLDER, or all the files inside it?

    I have the orginal zip folder in the following file path
    when I unpacked that file, I unpacked it into the same file path. So the readme.html file and the wp-config.php file and all the rest are in the following file path:
    home/Blog/WordPress/Wordpress/(files are here)

    I hope that answered what you were looking for. I’ll spend some time this afternoon reviewing the instructions for obvious misses and will definitly check back here.

    okay – then by the way you did this, you should be going to


    in order to install.

    I’m highly assuming that you don’t want your blog to be at the following:


    am i correct?

    what you need to do is delete everything beyond that first Blog folder.

    then unzip the files ON your machine.

    Then you’ll want to drill down in that folder until you see a list – wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes (folders) and a bunch of other files. Upload all of THOSE to your Blog folder.

    Then make the changes to wp-config-sample.php, save it as wp-config.php and upload it to the same place.

    Then go to:


    and you should be good to go.

    Thanks, I will attempt to do that this eve when I am actually at my home machine and will respond with the results. I appreciate your help.

    Sorry I haven’t gotten back as quickly as I said I would. I am working on this. I have not had a chance to work from my home station over my FTP software. I will try to get this done soon.

    I did try opening the install file you listed above in its current file path and got a page not found error.

    Is that what you would expect?

    I have a similar problem. I think I followed all the instructions properly and have got to stage:

    This gives me the 404 error message. I transferred all the unzipped wp files to a new sub-directory so that the material would not be cluttered up with anything else. I changed the sample config file as instructed.

    Does it matter that I have used a sub-directory of a sub-directory?

    I up-loaded stuff via ftp for which I type in a password. I am hosted by But I don’t need a password to access via http.

    My developing web page is at, written in Microsoft Publisher, which does not help me an the blog part. So I am planning to add the blog part using WordPress.

    Is there anything wrong with this approach?


    So, I did as suggested and got the exact same result. I’m not entirly sure what moving the files around was going to accomplish. I see the cleaned up URL which is great.

    further thoughts?

    Maybe your database is NOT hosted on localhost. I don’t know your host, but I do know that GoDaddy and others host the DB’s on other servers, not on localhost. You should check your hosting control panel and see that server your mysql server is on.

    Then double check your database username, database password and database name.

    you might consider that all the words in your urls are in lower case or in the same case format as what is in your wp-config.php file.
    some people when they make folders or directories, they have a capital or a space in the name eg ” Games” or something like that should be “games” instead, linking is a problem when spaces or upper case is used in those.

    Got it installed. Still running into issues posting but at least it is in . Thanks to all who tried to help. It was, in fact, that I was not pointed at the right server.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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