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  • Hi Takayuki,
    Today I downloaded your plugin when i was searching for a simple contact form.

    I uploaded the folder to the plugins folder of wordpress and activated it as you specified. I added the captcha feature as well.

    When I tried to test it, I got this message:

    Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.

    I’m not sure what I did wrong, since your installation instructions where very simple.

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  • Hi LaraYokoshima,

    There are two cases that you see the “Failed to send …” message.

    One is the case when the mail sending function of WordPress actually failed to complete the job. In this case, the message is surrounded by RED border.

    The other is the case when you are using Akismet feature and Akismet judges the contact behavior as spam. In this case, the message is surrounded by ORANGE border.

    Which case do you see?

    Takayuki Miyoshi (plugin author)

    I see the red border after it tries to send the message for a while.

    OK. It seems to be a issue of mail function of WordPress i.e. wp_mail(). It’s not used only in the plugin. There are a few reports that say it fails to send mail in specific server environment. See WordPress Trac #5007, #5273 and #5294 for details.

    There is a workaround plugin written by Peter Westwood. Could you try it and tell me the result?

    Takayuki Miyoshi (plugin author)

    I downloaded and activated the plugin, but that didn’t seem to work. Then following some of the posts you linked, I deleted the phpmailer line in pluggable.php and now it works! Apparently it was some issue with the new version of WordPress (figures).

    Thanks for all your help and for your awesome plugin! 😀



    I’m also encountering a similar problem. CAPTCHA displays in my form but it won’t let me type in its input field. I click in the field but I don’t see a cursor. If I type in the captcha no text appears in the field. Then, when I click on submit I receive text, with a yellow border, that says “Validation errors occurred. Please confirm the fields and submit it again.”

    Takayuki Miyoshi



    I’ve seen similar issue. See this sequence of comment. The key is <label>.



    Thanks that fixed that issue. Now I’m having a problem where the actual content of the form is not being mailed to me. I have a checkbox and I need its content (whether Subscribe or UnSubscribe was clicked) sent via the form in e-mail. All I get is an e-mail with the [ ] code in it. Not the actual content.

    Takayuki Miyoshi


    [name] codes in mail fields are replaced by user input content with the same name. For example, when you are using below tag in form content,

    [checkbox your-checkbox “Subscribe” “UnSubscribe”]

    you need to use


    in the mail fields. Please make sure that.

    If there is no input with the same name, [name] codes are not replaced.



    Many thanks for your help on this. It works like a charm. Very nice plugin. Can’t wait to see how it’ll work with WP 2.5. 🙂

    I’m using wordpress 2.61 and facing same problem (“Failed to send …” message with red border). I’ve checked my pluggable.php but couldn’t find the which is supposed to cause the problem.
    Can anyone help?

    manjulmanjul, have you confirmed that your mail server is working? You can receive other mails from WordPress?


    I’m also having the same problem. My scenario is:
    Yahoo hosting
    Wp 2.6.2
    Latest version of Contact Form 7

    I can receive email from wordpress. I get my comments for moderation, etc. Have there been any issues with Contact Form 7 and Yahoo hosting?

    Thanks for any help

    I am having the excat same problem. I get comment notifications but not contact form comments. I’m also with yahoo and i keep getting the red box when i try to submit the contact form. Please can anybody help.

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