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  • Hello !

    Since I updated the plugin in Version 2.0.1 and registered with the API, I get this error message by mail :
    ” Plugin Security Scan 13 août 2019
    Failed to query wpvulndb, status code does not indicate success: 403

    (I have 2 sites)
    I do not understand, can you explain to me?

    Thank you

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  • Hi, I have de same message : “status code does not indicate success: 403” and I have a good api key…..

    Have you a solution ?

    Thank you if you have a solution….

    Thierry Maesen

    I got an email saying: “Your API key has a limit of 50 requests per day. You have 0 requests left until 21. August 2019”

    But I had not addded any API key at all… ?!
    Please advise.


    Plugin Author Glen Scott


    Because of changes made to the vulnerability database that this plugin uses, you will now need to register for an API key here:

    If you have done this and added your key details to the plugin, you will be allowed 50 requests to the database per day. A request is made for each plugin and theme that you have installed on your website (plus one request for WordPress itself).


    On my website i have 10 plugins and 1 template. When i check only 1 time with you plugin i have the same error message.

    I have just 1 website.

    It’s far away of 50 requests.

    Where is the problem ?
    My site sends requests without my authorization ?


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    OK, I registered and got the API, but now what?

    The instructions say “Once you have your token, it can be added to the Plugin Security Scanner settings page.” But there is no setting page for this plug in. Every other plugin on the site has a settings page, but not this one.

    Where do I insert the API?

    Plugin Author Glen Scott


    @carax If you click on “Settings” in the left hand admin menu, then click “Plugin Security Scanner”, you’ll find the page where you can enter your API token.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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