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    I keep getting this alert message in my WordPress dashboard:

    “Failed to fetch the new data from Google Analytics. Please reauthenticate on the settings page!”

    I try to reauthenticate.
    1. I click “Re-authenticate with your Google account” on the General Settings tab.
    2. I click to Accept “View your Google Analytics data”
    3. I copy the “success code” from the page that follows.
    4. I paste in the General Settings tab in the “Paste your Google code here:” field.
    5. I click Save Changes.

    I get a successful save message, but a few clicks later, the error message reappears.

    Anyone know of a fix?

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  • Same problem: Every now and then (like every 2nd day) I get the error message by new: “Failed to fetch the new data from Google Analytics. Please reauthenticate on the settings page!”

    I see that I’m not alone to have this problem…

    I’ve been using Google Analytics by Yoast for years.
    Recently two new things have happened:

    1. When I update the plugin it gets inactive. As far as I can recall that never happened before.

    2. I can not re-authenticate, no matter what method I use. It saves alright but the next time I log in to my sit I get the message “Please configure your Google Analytics settings!” and that I should re-authenticate with my Google Analytics Account.


    Alas, experiencing the same problem. Also the plugin has been updated at least once everyday for the last week. I do update, re-authenticate and the next day the same message appears again.
    Please, fix this annoying bug. Manually doesn’t cut it for me because then it won’t give a dashboad view of stats.

    I am having the same issue.
    Has been going on for quite a while.

    I too am having this issue and the suggested fixes haven’t worked on my sites.

    How is this marked ‘resolved’ when it apparently is not for the vast majority of folks who have been posting?

    In any case, I’m done with this plugin.

    Since I upgraded to WP 4.1 and manually entered the code (again) after the upgrade, the problem has stopped.

    same issue here… I “resolved” it finally by deactivating the plugin.

    Since we’ve seen this behavior on quite some websites, we’re looking into a better solution to this problem. However, the (annoying) warning does not hurt your Google Analytics data for most websites.

    Please read our knowledge base article about this.

    I’ve been having major problems since the update. Constant re-authentication required. I’ve rolled back to v5.2.4.


    I thought the problem was taken care of, but a couple of days later the error message (“Failed to fetch…”) returned on all the sites.

    After spending too much time on this, finally decided to delete the plugin. Bummer.



    No matter how many times I’ve authenticated, I’m still seeing this message at my site’s dashboard. But when I look at the Analytics, I can see the recent stats. So looks like the plugin is working, but it is displaying the message incorrectly.



    Same thing across all of my sites.



    @tacoverdo – I also have version 5.2.7 installed which was supposed to fix this problem. Now, the problem did change a bit once the plugin was updated to 5.2.7. Although the “re-authenticate” warning still comes up at the top of my “Dashboard” when I first login to my site’s admin, all I have to do is refresh the page or navigate to another WP admin page and the warning disappears. This didn’t happen in 5.2.6 where the warning remained persistent.

    Tracking works regardless of the (5.2.7) warning as you stated it would.

    Now I find that the warning only comes up on my two WP powered sites randomly but it’s still pretty often.

    I should mention that I keep AdBlock PLus disabled on both my sites so it’s not affecting the problem. I should also mention that I clear all of Firefox data when I close the browser (history, cookies, Persistent, Flash and DOM cookies [via an extension], Site preferences, Active logins, Offline website data, Passwords) so I always start Firefox with a clean slate as far as the above mentioned Firefox data is concerned.

    The plugin obviously works despite the occasional re-authenticate warning and at worst it’s only a minor annoyance. Sure, it needs to get fixed but with 5.2.7 it’s hardly a reason to remove the plugin.

    Hope you find a solution.

Viewing 13 replies - 166 through 178 (of 178 total)
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