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  1. GrainTrader
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I just installed WordPress the second time (first time, I installed the dictionary add-on, and it crashed badly).

    I'm running on a shared IIS server from Interland (web.com).

    I installed WordPress according to the instructions (I think), but Interland has a weird thing where they don't put your website at the root of your account, they hang it off a 'www' sub-directory for each individual user.

    So, my directory structure looks like this on the server:

    The index.php, wp-config.php and those files are under http://ftp.hillscapital.com/www/

    The weird thing is that they somehow make it so that when you access the site, that 'www' directory appears to be the root of your site. (i.e.: surfing to hillscapital.com gives you the index.php file that is actually in the 'www' folder).

    So anyway... I got WordPress installed correctly, I can administer it alright, I can log into Interland's Control Panel and I see that it created the database alright, I can create posts, etc.

    All appears to work correctly, until I try to see what I've posted by surfing to the website... then I get the following:

    Warning: main(./wp-blog-header.php) [function.main]: failed to create stream: No such file or directory in d:\Customers\user1234567\www\index.php on line 3

    Fatal error: main() [function.main]: Failed opening required './wp-blog-header.php' (include_path='.;c:\php4\pear') in d:\Customers\user1234567\www\index.php on line 3

    (User1234567 isn't my real user name, of course.)

    Any ideas on getting it to work properly?

    I thought it might be because the .php files have a Linux line feed, but IIS looks for a CR-LF, so I tried doing a search & replace for all those in the .php files... but no joy.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Chris_K
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Not much here about Interland IIS hosting that ends happy...

    Have you seen this post? Maybe it'd help?

  3. GrainTrader
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hi, thanks for the link.

    I'd already set up PHP, Perl, CGI and MySQL for the Interland server, and I'd set index.php as a default page.

    It all appears to work when I'm creating posts, and I can access all the administration pages for Word Press, but I just can't see what I've posted because of that error I'm getting.

    Anyone have any ideas what's causing the error and how to fix it?

  4. GrainTrader
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Ok, duh... I knew it had to do with the paths, but I haven't done much HTML editing in the past year, so I'm not as sharp as I used to be... it was a VERY simple fix:

    In index.php:
    <?php /* Short and sweet */
    define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);

    So, I just changed:

    Now to do some testing to see if I have to alter any other paths...

    Thanks to everyone for your help.

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