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  • Jamie



    1. We are using WooCommerce subscriptions and when a renewal fails, this tags the user with failed. If the user then re-activates their subscription the failed tag isn’t being removed as a new order is created for the re-activation.

    2. We also have issues where sometimes the failed tag isn’t added when the renewal fails.

    3. If the user changes their billing email when paying, then the tag is not applied as their billing email and user email are different.

    Any help on these would be appreciated.



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  • Plugin Author mtreherne


    Hi Jamie, thanks for getting in touch. I suspect that subscription payment failures may not be handled quite right, so you have prompted me to take a proper look.

    I will do some testing myself, but if you could provide some more information that would help. I’d like to investigate the failed subscription payment handling first (i.e. your points 1 and 2). I’ll deal with the change of email address later.

    The first thing to do is to make sure you have the Debug Log option checked on the wc-ac-hook settings. You may have this on already but if not do check ‘Enable logging’.

    Each of the parent and renewal orders has an order number. When you are looking at the order (when logged in to wp-admin), the order notes will list all the ‘Order status changed’ messages on a specific date. Along with the debug log we can compare what wc-ac-hook did on that day and time, since it will list the order number on each log entry. You can view the debug log at ‘WooCommerce > System status > Logs > wc-ac-hook-*’. Select the log for a given date and click on view.

    Please can you look at the failed order (associated with your point 1) and tell me the dates and the sequence of ‘Order status changed’ messages from the order notes. Assuming you have the wc-ac-hook Debug Log enabled can you then cut and paste any entries from the debug log for that order (on the dates from the order notes). Then can you repeat this process for the new order that was created (when the subscription was reactivated).

    Similarly can you do the same process (of checking the order status changes in the order notes and the entries in the debug log) for the failed order (associated with your point 2).

    Many thanks,



    Hi Matthew,

    Apologies for the delay, trying to debug this and trace it is proving more difficult then anticipated. As the support team has already updated every user this affected I’m having trouble finding the correct orders and subscriptions that I can reference in the wc-ac-hooks logs.

    I might have to wait for this to happen again before I can get the required debugging information.

    On a side note I have noticed that when a user cancels their subscription, no tag is applied. It should be adding a cancelled tag.



    Plugin Author mtreherne


    No problem, let’s wait for the next occurrence and go through then.

    I’ve made a note of the cancelling subscription point and will deal with it along with the email address. The current sync of contact data is driven by change in order status (not changes to user data like email address or subscription status like cancelling). In theory when the email address is changed when the next renewal order is processed the sync will be to the new email address. Both points require a bit of analysis (and testing) before I can plan changes.

    Best regards,

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