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    We have our recaptcha site and secret keys set up appropriately, because they work fine with all other plugins on our site. Upon trying to submit using your form with either v2 or v3 (and keys that correlate for each one) results in the same error message: Failed reCAPTCHA check

    Please help.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    @offthewallsocial based on this part: [[["invalid-keys","hostname-mismatch","action-mismatch","score-threshold-not-met"]]]]

    it looks like probably a small handful of things.

    1. The domain settings for the reCAPTCHA API keys are not matching the site you’re testing from. Perhaps the keys were set up for a live site and you’re working from a dev site at the moment?
    2. Different set of reCAPTCHA keys between what you had for Contact Form 7 and Constant Contact, and potentially upon submission, our plugin is trying to communicate with CF7’s version? If this is part of the case, then we’d need to see about how to potentially isolate ours to use our keys.
    3. Hopefully just related to the first two parts above, but it is also saying the threshold for a “likely human” score is not being met, so at least temporarily, you’re not human to Google 😛 Don’t worry, I believe you are 😉



    1. The site keys did match. I checked 3 times.

    2. I first received the errors when I had only one set of keys, and therefore was using the same set for both Contact Form 7 AND CC.

    SO, I thought maybe they needed their own keys. And I set up a new pair of keys for CC, updated the plugin with the new key info. And STILL received the error.

    The only way I was able to eliminate the error was to deactivate Contact Form 7.

    3. Why thank you! 🙂

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    1. What I mean is, that in the “domains” setting when you were setting up the keys, the site(s) you’re using them from need to be listed. For example with a local install I have, which has a domain of cc.test, i have this
    2. I still have new internal notes to investigate further possible conflicts with CF7’s version 3 setup + our plugin.
    3. I’ve been questioning my own though. Am I human? Am I pirate? Y’arr, not sure.



    1) the domain was listed… so maybe I’m misunderstanding something.
    1st recaptcha
    added recaptcha to test with CC

    Regardless of whether I used the original (1st) keys for both plugins, or if I used the 1st for Contact Form 7 and the new keys for CC, the reCAPTCHA would fail.

    2) Hopefully it’s a bug that can be caught.

    3) Personally, I definitely a pirate, deep down inside. I know this. I’m ok with it. Thankfully, reCAPTCHA is only trying to deter bots. 😉

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    Just trying to nail down possible edge cases.



    It looks like I’m having the very same problem. I’m using CF7 5.1.7 and CC 1.8.2 on WordPress 5.4. I was originally started out using just CF7 and a set of keys and had no problems with reCAPTCHA V3. I later found out that we had an existing CC account so I added in CC and a form to try it out. I used the same CF7 reCAPTCHA keys. I got the “Failed reCAPTCHA check” message all the time. After reading your post I tried creating a new set of keys for CC, but this did not help. Still the same error.

    However, if I deactivate CF7, it mysteriously works. So it seems there is some incompatibility between CF7 and CC and reCAPTCHA.

    Here are the last few debug log entries. In each case I was trying to signup using my new CC newsletter sign up form. I still had separate keys for both CF7 and CC for this test:

    Before CF7 deactivated, which failed:
    [2020-04-30 05:55:56] reCAPTCHA.INFO: Failed to verify with Google reCAPTCHA [“Extra information”,[[[“invalid-keys”,”hostname-mismatch”,”action-mismatch”,”score-threshold-not-met”]]]] []

    After CF7 deactviated, which worked:
    [2020-04-30 06:01:28] API.INFO: Contact set to be updated [“Extra information”,[{“form”:”Newsletter Signup”}]] []
    [2020-04-30 06:01:28] API.INFO: Submitted contact data [“Extra information”,[{“email___36b4fb1372470c37ba73f3453ab693c2”:{“key”:”email”,”val”:”***”},”email”:”***”,”list”:”1742301589″}]] []

    After CF7 reactivated, which failed again:
    [2020-04-30 06:03:23] reCAPTCHA.INFO: Failed to verify with Google reCAPTCHA [“Extra information”,[[[“timeout-or-duplicate”,”hostname-mismatch”,”action-mismatch”,”score-threshold-not-met”]]]] []

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    There’s definitely a conflict of some sort that we need to dig into to see what is going on.

    Hoping to have some sort of news soon.

    Plugin Author Constant Contact


    We have reached out to Contact Form 7 support to see about some things we have discovered.

    Specifically, they run some javascript code around the topic of reCAPTCHA that ends up affecting all forms on a page, and is actually changing our validated hidden field. This is why the invalid errors are coming in, because the key attempted with was turned into a mismatch.

    We’ll see what they say and see what we can do for a next step forward to avoid invalidation/mismatch of details.

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