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  • Resolved imarketing


    Currently when a product is marked as excluded via the backend it forces the user to view a 404 page on the frontend.

    This implies a mistake

    Rather is it feasible to have a dedicated landing page for a failed product – perhaps saying something like:

    “We do not have that product available in your region” or even better a user defined message

    Sorry to lump this on you.

    BY the way the tool is bloody fantastic

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  • Plugin Author royho


    So I believe this is not needed because in a normal situation, the customer would never know about the URL to even get to that product. So they would never land on a 404 for that product.

    Generally I would absolutely agree – other than that the predictive search option still displays the product – thus providing the impression that something is there.

    Predictive search is so powerful it serves up products merely by typing in a letter AND it shows them with an image – tempting a visit

    Plugin Author royho


    Ok then perhaps the answer is really just taking out the products that are hidden in search so it is not searchable?

    Let me investigate this to see if I can remove hidden products from being searchable.

    Then that would resolve your issue yes?

    I think this is beyond the call of duty as to me what I am suggesting is a product enhancement as frankly the plugin works great as it is.

    So let me have a go at that instead

    In closing great job and thanks for being so helpful

    Plugin Author royho


    Hi @imarketing,

    Actually this has already been implemented. If you hide a product, and use a standard WordPress search OR WooCommerce search widget, you will see the product cannot be found. It is working correctly as I have just checked.

    So I believe the issue here may be with the search plugin you’re using is not use the main query and its building its own search query which means it is not doing it right. The plugin you use should really be using the pre-get-posts hook or else any other plugins that relies on the query will break.

    Hi Roy another one for you

    The site is – and the IP config is intermittent – see this ip address which is shown as singapore – BUT the products are still showing to the consumer

    Is there a way of updating the database or is that not the issue?

    Plugin Author royho



    Yeah that is not controlled by the plugin. It is querying from a IP service server. See here

    Hi thanks

    We are seeing intermittent failures on specific IP addresses from specific ISP service providers, we believe this to be an issue of the way Singapore is managing its IP address database

    Is there a way of manually adding in IP addresses to deal with these as and when they are identified?

    By the way we are also using for specific page restrictions and this is behaving exactly the same way, hence the reason we are convinced it is an IP address issue – but they allow the addition of specific ips via a shortcode – [wpgc_ip] – IP Address of the reader

    Thanks for your help

    Plugin Author royho


    Hmmm while I think this could be useful but quite messy at the same time. Because there is no telling how many IPs are in wrong location. You add one IP now, tomorrow you findn another customer will another IP that is wrong and you have to add that one…on and on. And all this is assuming you’re able to get the customer’s IP without too much trouble.

    On top of that, one day these IPs may correct itself, and you’ll end up blocking these IPs. You’ll have to remove them again…etc.

    To me it seems to be an on-going issue. I am all ears on how we could make this better but this method seems to be quite troublesome. Any other ideas you might think of to remedy this?

    You are right in that it is not ideal and very manual

    My philosophy would be it would be a site owner feature – in other words they can add their own IPs and they would be personally controlled so no maintenance by anyone except site owner – the plugin for example would have a box to add errant IPs in. (being simplistic)

    “On top of that, one day these IPs may correct itself, and you’ll end up blocking these IPs. You’ll have to remove them again…etc.”

    ah no as you are blocking them as they are being misreported all you would do is block them twice once they were corrected.

    Caveat – I do think it is less than ideal but perhaps would solve those one off niggly problems.

    Will now leave you in peace and thanks for a great peice of kit

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