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  • I finally fell for the come-on at the top of my admin page and tried an upgrade from 2.9.2 to 3.0.1 using the auto-upgrade feature. I had a bad feeling about this, and finally, after well over 2 hours of the little icon spinning round and round on my browser tab, I tried to log in to the blog, getting a message about a missing directory. I figured an upgrade couldn’t possibly take this long to complete, so stopped it, intending to restart the upgrade process, but now just get blank white pages when I try to restart the upgrade, or try to log-in using Firefox. (If I try this with IE, I do get a log-in page, and it does seem to accept the log-in, but then goes to the blank white page.)

    The blog itself seems to be working (this is an informational blog about my business, and comments aren’t enabled, so don’t know if that’s affected or not). But I need to post again in a day or two, so need to get this repaired.

    I don’t know if I can just DL 3.0.1 and install it, and if it will leave my existing content as is while completing the upgrade, or if I need a specific upgrade version, which I now cannot access from the the links that were in the admin area. (I am on the hostname/username/password page of the auto upgrade, but trying to start the upgrade from there just goes to the blank page noted earlier (I’m guessing this page only exists in my cache, and will no longer be there if I leave it and try to return) nor can I find an upgrade version online.

    I have a backup of the blog on my computer, but again, I don’t want to upload it and find out newer content is wiped out.

    How can I either return to 2.9.2, or do a manual upgrade to 3.0.1 without damaging my content–in other words, how do I complete the failed auto upgrade and get this working again?

    Here’s the blog:


    Ron Hildebrand

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  • An update: This morning, I was able to get into the admin area. Seems that WP repaired itself? Anyway, there is a message at the top of the page noting that the upgrade attempt failed, and to try again.

    I was mostly kidding last night when I posted that I “fell for the come-on” to upgrade, as the truth is, I really just never got around to taking the time to do it. But now, I really am reluctant to try again, especially if it takes several hours for WP to recover from a failed upgrade. And might it simply not recover itself from another failure?

    Is there really any reason to upgrade from 2.9.2 to 3.0.1?


    Ron Hildebrand

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    Is there really any reason to upgrade from 2.9.2 to 3.0.1?

    The 2.x branch will no longer be receiving security upgrades.

    Considering the automated upgrade failed initially, I recommend upgrading manually. It’ll take a few extra minutes, but it’ll will work:

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