• I gave this 3 stars because it has another plugin that extends functionality, adding a notification bar. Sadly it does not appear for any user other than the admin.

    More importantly this plugin failed to hide of all things on the menu, itself! Even though I unchecked (Roles)WPFront for the new role I created, it still appeared when I logged in as that test user.

    If the plugin can’t block/hide access to it’s own menu how can I trust it’s capabilities for any other function?

    Ironically I can block the a menu called “Links”, which does not exist!

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  • Plugin Author Syam Mohan


    Hi Rocket, sounds like you are confused with menus and capabilities. This plugin doesn’t allow you work with menus, it allows you to work with capabilities. Since in WordPress menus are tied with capabilities, when you turn off a capability, if there is a menu that looks for that capability will also be turned off.

    Notification bar is a different plugin of mine, that has nothing to do with this plugin. It doesn’t extend the functionality of User Role Editor in anyway.

    The Roles (WPFront) works based on a setting, if you have the setting turned off, changing these capabilities makes no difference.

    Again “Links” you see is not a menu, its a capability group. This plugin groups the capabilities for easy access.

    Here is the link to the codex page which talks about Roles and Capabilities. http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities

    If none these makes sense to you, at least understand that in WordPress menus and capabilities are two different things.

    Thanks for giving it a try.

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