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  • As recently as a few weeks ago, I was able to search on blogs with similar interests to mine. Today, when I have the time to search for and read such blogs, I find that the facility is missing everywhere–my dashboard,, Why is this happening? How can we connect to WP bloggers with similar interests if the facility now points only to business and institutional sources? What happened to the old blog search facility that did not send me only to the sites of people who have the money to pay for advertising or other resources?
    There are a lot of other problems with WordPress that I would like to address–changes that have taken place very recently–but I’ll address them one at a time with other posts.

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  • I’m guessing that, if such a thing existed, it was on wordpress.COM

    They have their own support forums at

    Such a feature has never existed on wordpress.ORG, or through standalone .ORG installations, if it’s suddenly changed on .com, your best bet would be to ask over there.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. However… For quite a while, from my own blog site I was able to find bloggers with blogging interests similar to mine. Now it has disappeared, and is not available, as you pointed out, on the WP .org or .com sites. Although this was never available on my outside hosted site, it only recently disappeared from my WP hosted site. I found it useful for connecting with like-minded bloggers. Thus, I would like to know what happened to it.



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    These forums are for self-hosted WordPress sites only. Please try asking your question on

    If you are looking to find blogs with similar interests (or niche), why limit your search to just WP sites?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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