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  • Hi! This sounds like it may be an account issue and not a problem with the buttons themselves. Let’s see if we can isolate the cause.

    First, head over to our website and login to your account. Now, visit your account settings panel, and before we continue, verify that you do have an email address saved to your account (so that you won’t lose access while performing the following steps).

    Once you have confirmed that an email address is associated with your account, open the Connected Services screen. Check that the account you were trying to connect is listed on this screen. If it isn’t, try to add it via the connection buttons on this page. If it is, clear your browser cache, open a new tab, and try connecting to Twitter/Facebook through our share buttons again.

    If you are still having troubles, you may be hitting a blocker after we switched to Twitter’s new API recently. Some users have had issues with the authorization tokens after the switch, but this issue should be easily resolved by just disconnecting your social media accounts on the Connected Services screen and re-adding them.

    Just for good measure, clear your browser cache again, reload the page on your site from which you were trying to share, and give it another try.

    Let me know how this goes and if you run into any snags. Thanks!

    So from now everybody should to have an account there to share articles on the Facebook or Twitter using Shareaholic?

    If you’ve been sharing with Twitter through our apps, you should already have an account. You can log into the corresponding Shareaholic account while signed into your Twitter account. After signing in, head to the Connected Services screen and manage your connections there. 🙂

    I was sharing with Twitter/Facebook via Shareaholic but I never registered at that page before and it was working till version 7. Here is version 6 which doesn’t require any account:

    And it returns “Sorry, but to sign in with your social account you need to sign up for a Shareaholic account.”

    Hi! The Twitter button has been connecting through OAuth for the past couple years. If you’ve ever used our share buttons to Tweet, you were initially asked to authorize our app to post to your account. At that time, our application synced with your Twitter account, and a very minimal entry was made in our database, which allows you access to a Shareaholic account that was generated at that time to store your authorization token. You can sign in to the Shareaholic account synced with your Twitter account by first logging into the Twitter account you’ve tweeted to from our buttons. Then, head to our login page and use the Login with Twitter button to access the corresponding account.

    After you’ve logged in, clear your browser cache, reload one of the pages on your site, and try tweeting again. Let me know if you run into a problem.

    Same problem here, only Twitter (Twitter/Facebook) button works. all others dont show popup to share

    Hi mgrmn,

    I just ran across your response on this thread. Are you still running into problems with button responsiveness? If so, could you please direct me to your site and provide your web browser and operating system details so that I can take a look on my end? Thank you!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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