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  • I was going to suggest allowing user points for things like clicking a Facebook “Like” or “Share” button as well as Tweeting or other social share options. That would be phenomenal in so many ways!

    I found this thread: and was just curious if that is what is going to be added in version 1.5 on July 7th. I was just a little confused because the user mentions coins.

    We have built-in social share features on things like images and posts which are incredibly helpful for drawing in new users. If points for shares is indeed going to be added, would our built-in share features work or will we need to use specific code from myCRED?

    Keep up the great work! This plugin is hands down the greatest plugin we have added to the site!

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  • Plugin Author Gabriel



    I am hoping to incorporate Facebook in 1.5 but the “problem” is that social media connections are not my strongest skill. I have been told that there are myCRED users out there right now who are working on building a myCRED add-on to allow you to award points for users sharing / liking on Facebook and other social media sites.

    I think the user in the topic you mentioned was calling his points “Coins”. Sometimes it can get a bit confusing since you call your points anything you want.

    The real “issue” is that I would not be able to build something that will work for all social media share plugins for WordPress. Telling a third party that you just shared something is against most of these plugins privacy policies so there is no way for me to hook in and “detect” a share or like.

    The reason I mentioned Facebook earlier was because I know that one of their APIs allows you to detect when a share / like was successful on your own site so it sounds like we can connect the two.

    Hi Gabriel,

    Gotcha, makes sense. If it could somehow work that would definitely be an extremely powerful tool in increasing shares/likes. Facebook would probably be the most ideal social platform for that anyway.

    Thanks for the info! I’ll stay tuned for the update!

    I downloaded the update and I’m excited to use the new features! I’m curious though if it would be possible to eventually make the new social sharing point system work with the PrettyPhoto Lightbox. It’s a very popular lightbox with built-in sharing for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ and is already a great source for shares. It would be fantastic to get points for using those.

    I’m also a little concerned about installing/using ShareThis because, although it looks great, I found an abnormally large amount of negative reviews relating to how the plugin effects different aspects of your site.

    Thanks for all your work and especially thank you for taking our suggestions into account with this update!

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    The “issue” is that most sharing plugins do not tell third-parties that you have shared something. ShareThis offers a javascript API which we use that basically tells us when a share was completed and via what provider.

    Unless your PrettyPhoto does the same thing (inform others that the share was completed) we can’t do anything unfortunately. Considering that I have never used the mentioned plugin, you would need to contact the author and ask if he provides a API or some filter or action hook that third party plugins can use to detect shares.

    I don’t know much about all that stuff so I’ll have to ask around. I’m not sure if this helps but they have a documentation page where API is mentioned here: prettyPhoto Documentation

    It’s main page is here: prettyPhoto

    I’ll also ask the author of the plugin that we’re using that has it built-in if he knows anything about that.


    Plugin Author Gabriel


    I tried to signup for the plugins forum to ask them if one can detect a share via their API but it seems their forum does not like me as I failed to succeed.

    Basically I just need to find out if there is any way that I can detect via JavaScript that someone successfully shared the image. Thats all. If that is possible then we could add in a listening script that just sits there and waits until an image is shared. But this is where the issue is. While we are attempting to give points for a share, telling a third party that you shared something might be against their privacy policy.

    I contacted the author of the plugin I’m using that utilizes prettyPhoto (Justified Image Grid) and here is what he said:

    The sharer buttons in prettyPhoto are the official buttons of the social sites. I don’t think it’s easy to detect shares using third party solutions but their API or JS SDK likely allows such thing. It would be tricky and it requires knowledge to detect shares.

    Let me know if that helps and if you’ve had any luck on your end getting information. This feature would be amazing for us to be able to award points for sharing photos so if that doesn’t help just let me know and I’ll keep looking!

    He also mentioned the possibility of using the lightbox FooBox instead (an add-on option within the plugin) and that it may be easier for that one to detect shares.

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Ah thats bad news for me. I am no way any expert in social media API’s I basically know how to copy and paste the share button that Facebook generates me as an example. We would need to find someone who has more experience with these API’s.

    This unfortunately also means that at this stage you can not connect the two plugins.

    Oh well. Hopefully somebody will see this that may have the experience needed.

    Is there anywhere you can suggest that I look for someone to help us? Like I said, this feature would be invaluable to what we do and I’m willing to put in all the effort that I can to make it happen 🙂


    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Well you would need someone who knows social media APIs and knows WordPress. Thats it. I imagine if you are going to do it via Javascript you can do a AJAX call to the backend where you then award points. This part I can always help you with but not the detection part.

    Sounds good!

    I have no idea what that second part means though haha. Are you saying that there might be a way to award points for shares without detection?

    If there’s anything you want me to ask the plugin author regarding that (Javascript and AJAX call to the backend) just let me know and I’ll put it in my next email.

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    No I was just going through what would be needed in case you find a developer and reference this topic.

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