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    I’m unable to authenticate my Facebook settings and I’m guessing it may have to do with changes in Facebook’s v2.6 API. Since I’ve just recently created a new Facebook app, only the newest version of the API (v2.6) is available to me. I’m seeing this error getting returned from Facebook:

    FacebookSDKException: exception 'Facebook\Exceptions\FacebookSDKException' with message 'Cross-site request forgery validation failed. Required param "state" missing.'

    Are you aware of this issue and working on it by any chance?

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  • Okay, adding
    to AuthController::start() seems to have fixed the issue I was having.

    I think this is a really well done plugin and am thinking about extending the functionality a bit. Let me know if you’d be interested in adding back some additional features.

    Plugin Author 10Quality


    Hi big.

    Thanks for fix notification, will add it in the next release.

    We have add it many hooks, let us know if you need more and what kind of features you had in mind.

    Thanks for the message!

    Hi 10Q!

    The major changes I’ve made are untying it from widgets and allowing for arbitrary IDs so that I can, for instance, grab feeds from several different Facebook public pages and Twitter accounts. So, in a template I can write something like get_sf_feed(‘facebook’, ’10Quality’) and it’d return me the feeds for that Facebook page (if 10Quality was an actual page_id). I’ve also added a similar function that allows you to pass in an array of [<feeder>, <id>] arrays that will return a merged feed of all of those (using caching for each individual feed). I’ve also added on a JSON feed for the WordPress API v2 so that you can consume those types of feeds as well.

    I’ll check out those hooks you’ve mentioned.

    You guys are based out of Chépe!? I spent about a year there. ¡Pura vida, mae!

    Plugin Author 10Quality


    Big Bro!

    Yes, we based in Chepe! Good to hear you spent a year here, hopefully enjoying summer! Pura BIRRA!

    Your changes sound very interesting. Also the JSO API integration.

    We are maintaining the repo privately on bitbucket, if you wish to contribute to this plugin, let me know, we talk and we add you as contributor.



    Yeah, I really like the work you’ve done here so I’d like to contribute to it. I can send you what I’ve done, which is a bit ugly as I mostly extended some classes to bolt on functionality (which allows me to upgrade your plugin as normal) and you could sort through how/what you’d like to add to the plugin.

    Or, I could contribute to your bitbucket repo, making things look a little nicer and following yoru conventions. Do they have a similar feature to Github’s pull requests? –That way you can make sure everything with my changes are in order before merging them into your repo.

    Plugin Author 10Quality


    They do have pull requests. Although I am not sure if the work with private repose. I’ll check it out.

    Do you have a user in bitbucket?

    I just created one: isaiahmg.

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