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    I’m getting a ton of Facebook errors like this


    The issues is as following:

    We detected potentially violating health data that appeared as key coming from your PageView events in the URL Query Parameter. To help protect Facebook users’ privacy, this information is blocked and you will not be able to view or use it.Learn more about violating health data

    The it says

    Update your URL query parameters
    URL Query Parameters don’t appear in the pixel code, they are gathered from a web page automatically when an event is fired. Removing the information from the website URL may help to prevent this from occurring. View your affected URL and look for where the specific parameter is shown as being removed to help find the problem. You should discuss this with your website manager.

    It is ridiculous since those are completely random numbers…

    I guess they would’ve been better classified as personal data since you can identify an user, but the order ID is already in the URL so you could already do that and it doesn’t seem to have an issue with the number in the URL, only the one inside the parameters.

    I’ve also had issues with the ?orderid=_removed_ parameter… which was the exact same number as in the URL itself… completely ridiculous.

    We’ve contacted them many times over the past 4 months and they were not very helpful.


    Is there a way to remove these parameters? Will it affect WooCommerce’s orde tracking ability? Will it affect any online payment methods we have enabled?

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    Could you please share a copy of your site’s System Status? You can find it via WooCommerce > Status. Select “Get system report” and then “Copy for support”.  Once you’ve done that, paste it here in your response.

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    Is there any way I can send this data in a confidential manner?

    It includes things that could pose a security issue.

    Thank you.

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    Hi @coadr93,

    It’s generally safe to send the System Status Report but you may want to remove from it the reference to your site’s URL.

    As a first step, would you please enable logging, repeat the steps to replicate the issue, and then share the log for us to review? To do so, please follow the below steps:

    1. Head to Marketing > Facebook.
    2. Enable debug mode at the bottom of the screen and save the settings.
    3. Repeat the steps to replicate the error.
    4. Head to WooCommerce > Status > Logs.
    5. Choose the Facebook log from the dropdown and click the “View” button to display the log. Please note that the log may be in UTC/GMT time, so it may be offset by a few hours.
    6. Copy and paste the log into and share the resulting link. You can also paste the logs directly in your reply.


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    Hello. I understand but removing the URL is not enough.

    It includes database prefix, all plugins, the theme, server type, type of database… it could be easily correlated with my user here to point to my client.

    I don’t consider this info should be public so unless there is a secure way to send this I prefer not to. should have a section to include sensitive information which only the developer should see.

    On another note, I couldn’t find Marketing > Facebook. I only have Marketing > Coupons.

    I’m not using the official Facebook Pixel plugin for WP.

    I’ve discussed with my payment provider and their plugin adds a parameter to the order URL which is mandatory for their plugin to work, which Facebook detects as violating health data, even though they only contain random numbers and letters.

    It seems like I have to resolve this issue with Facebook instead…

    If not, I will come back to see how I can force any parameters from WooCommerce order confirmation URL to be removed and how this would affect WooCommerce.

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    Hi @coadr93,

    It seems like I have to resolve this issue with Facebook instead…

    That sounds like a good plan as Facebook support team may have more insights to find a way forward with this issue.

    Let us know how that goes.

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