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  • Hello,

    I am sharing my posts from my FB Page as well as my personal FB profile. This hasn’t always been happening, but here is the deal.

    When I share from my page, the correct thumbnail and description shows up. Which also shows up correctly on my news feed.

    When I share from my profile, the correct thumbnail and description shows up, which shows up correctly on my profile after it is posted BUT on the News Feed, as soon as 2 or more people are sharing the link (which in this case, my page and profile), the thumbnail is changing in the News Feed to whatever other image it is grabbing.

    So basically in the News Feed, the wrong thumbnail is showing which is terrible for relating to the post well. In fact, it makes sharing it a mess because I can’t get the right thumbnail to stay on the news feed without FB changing it. Again, my profile and page have the right one on them right now, but just changes over within the News Feed.

    Any help? Thank you!

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  • I was having this same exact problem. I found a plugin that populates the meta og:image property with the first image in your blogpost, which forces facebook to use that as the share image whether you are sharing from the like button or manually posting it on your profile. That, combined with putting the page through the facebook debugger, fixed the problem. The downside is that if I have multiple images in a post, I don’t have the option to choose a thumbnail – it forces you to take the first image. Maybe there’s a better plugin out there that allows you to choose from multiple images.

    Here’s a link to the plugin: and make sure that you’re plugging your page into the facebook debugger too, to force it to re-scrape the page:

    Ok great, I will try that. When you say plug my page through the Facebook debugger, you’re talking about when I “share the link” on Facebook right?

    Also, does “first image” also include featured image?

    I’m not sure about the feature image, I don’t have one on my site. And by plugging it into the facebook debugger, I mean just going to the debugger site and plug in the link for your blog post. That should force facebook to refresh anything it’s scraping your page for.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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