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  • If the user comes to your designated welcome tab and clicks the like button, while that tab is still selected, the fan-only content should be displayed when the page refreshes. However, on subsequent visits to the page, fans will see The Wall by default. Facebook ONLY allows you to set a different default tab for newcomers.

    Thank you for explaining this. I don’t know why facebook does this. Seems silly to me.

    On a different note I notice that carriage returns seem to be ignored. They show up as white space on the visual editor. But on the preview mode and facebook tab they are gone and the text just comes together without white space. I am solving the problem for now by placing a dash in the otherwise empty line. This works fine as long as you don’t mind a dash.

    Also, is there a not to technical way to add a like button (for my facebook page) on the tab. I realize there is one already on the facebook page above. But another, perhaps big one, might be nice on the tab page. I found a widget to do this and put it on my blog sidebar, but I haven’t found a plug-in to provide short code to put it on the facebook tab. Do you know of a plug-in or other way to do this easily.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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