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  • Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi nilsvk,

    Please send me your facebook page url.

    I will check and get back to you.


    Same issue:

    I was getting “RSS Feed Currently Unavailable. Then I changed the PHP on line 50 and now I’m getting a new error:

    This feed URL is no longer valid. Visit this page to find the new URL, if you have access:
    , 15 hours ago

    Any thoughts?
    Page set to public.
    Page ID is: 148474821967138
    Page URL:
    Test website is up at:

    Latest update appears to have solved it. Thank you.

    Lakshmanan, my Facebook page URL is

    Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi Nils,

    Install the latest version of the plugin. Try using mashable’s facebook page 18807449704

    If the plugin works with this id, it indicates there may be a problem with your fb page.


    I am also getting a similar problem. It was working and has just stopped working. It outputs the following error:


    RSS Feed currently unavailable.

    The FB id is 190380830997773.

    Any suggestions as to why its stopped?

    Thank You So Much It Really Help For Me.
    Keep The Good Work Going.
    Thanks Again

    Hi, great plugin but it doesn’t work with my ID (115742141848150, ). I tried with 18807449704 (Mashables) and that one worked. I noticed that my ID is 4 digits longer, is that a problem?

    If the plugin works with this id, it indicates there may be a problem with your fb page.

    What type of problem and how can I solve it?

    I have the latest version installed…

    Best regards,

    Solved it!

    It was an restriction in the age-field (was set to “+17”) but now set it to Anyone (+13). The problem is that it would be good if I could maintain the age-restriction because it is a self-defense site and we have some graphic content.

    Of course people (kids/underaged) can just write the URL but to make it more difficult when they search on Facebook would be great if possible.



    Glad to hear you fixed it. I am having a similar problem and cannot find where to set the age-field in Facebook. Can you give some pointers?


    Go to edit page and choose “permissions” (2nd choice from above). Third choice is “Age restrictions”.

    Maybe the labels are little different because I use Swedish language but should be easy to find, now =)

    Two other questions: I have a dark theme and the text “Be the first to like” or something like that is hardly possible to see. I have tried to change in the CSS but can´t find the “tag”.

    Other thing… It gets pretty messy with so many titles. I have the maintitle, then the same title but it´s not possible to format that without formating the rest of the text that comes under a picture or the title of the content (i.e. youtube-link or similar).

    How can I format that repeated non-formated text right under the “feed_title” without formating the rest of the text.

    Any ideas?


    Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi Robert,

    The plugin uses light color scheme for facebook like button.

    You can change it to dark since you are using a dark theme.

    Please change colorscheme=light to colorscheme=dark in the iframe code of like button

    The feed returns a title and a description. You can format whole description but not a part of it.

    Feed description is purely plain text, there will not be <p>, <div>, <h>, <span> or other html tags. So I don’t think we can apply CSS formatting for a particular portion of the description

    But you can format an image or a link in the feed.

    Thanks for your patience

    I was wondering if we got this resolved, Lakshmananphp. Is it only possible to grab the feed if the content is all ages? I’m developing two sites for alcohol companies and they can’t raise the age restriction for legal reasons, but having this feed is vital to their site. I’d prefer to use you fantastic plugin if I can.

    Plugin Author lakshmananphp



    Whats your page Id?

    I will check and get back to you.



    Yes, the page ID is: 236649619682841

    Thank you,

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