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Facebook Syndication Error

  • Hi lakshmananphp

    One of my sites tracerescue.org I’m trying to utilize your FBF and get a Facebook Syndication Error. It worked using your Mashable ID idea so I’m not sure what the problem you were getting at…

    I have it running on a second site: Greentreecc.com in the footer at the bottom left. The accessibility looks the same across both Facebook accounts.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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  • Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi Joshua,

    Looks strange, let me check it and get back to you.

    whats the page ID?


    Forgive me I don’t understand what you mean by “page ID?” The widget will be in the sidebar. Let me re-add since I took it down from Trace’s site. By the time you read this should be back up.

    It works fine on the GreenTreecc.com site.

    Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi Joshua,

    I mean the facebook page ID.


    Joshua, try this:

    Change the country restrictions to “Hide this page from viewers in these countries” but don’t have anything listed in the Country Restrictions box.

    Lakshmanan, forgive my misunderstanding. The FB pg id = 100003314595954

    Jodzeee, perhaps you know Facebook better than I. I have looked through Privacy settings and I have found no way to specify privacy by country. Ideas?

    Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi Joshua,

    Login to facebook
    Go to your page
    Click edit settings (then refer the screenshot)

    This screenshot shows the correct privacy settings

    Try it and let me know any issues


    Weird, my settings don’t look anything like this. This is for a personal page. Does this have to be a fan site?

    I guess that’s the issue. No RSS for personal Public pages. Just Fan pages. I switched it to our fan page, and it worked. Is there a solution for personal pages?

    Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi drtyrell,

    You can create pages in any one of the sections,

    • Local Business or Place
    • Company, Organization or Institution
    • Brand or Product
    • Entertainment
    • Cause or Community
    • Artist, Band or Public Figure

    What you mean by a personal page?

    Have a look at the page options


    Thank you for this information. I do appreciate it. What I discovered with photo galleries, is that the feed become unmanagable. Each photo stacks up in a huge line…not good. We’ve opted to go without the FB feed option.

    thank you for the help!

    I’m getting this same “Facebook syndication error” on a group (not a page) that I’m an Admin on
    It’s an open group
    There’s no age restriction setting
    I tried changing the settings so any member can add/approve postings and I unchecked All group posts must be approved by an admin but that didn’t help.
    Our website
    My browser is Firefox 21.0
    Thanks for any guidance

    Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi Miranda,

    Please add this 422309087831636 facebook group id instead of your facebook group id, in the widget and test it.

    It seems your group has some privacy restrictions.


    yes that works Lakshmanan …
    so i have asked the person who created the group to check the settings and remove any restrictions – i’m just an admin and i don’t have those options in the settings pages that are available to me
    i’ll let you know …

    there are no age restrictions – it’s an OPEN group
    is there any other help you can give me please

    i have had to remove the widget – i’m so sorry about that

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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