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    site : http://www.udaipurtimes.com

    The problem is, I have a WordPress site and I’ve used FB Share and FB Like plugins (free) for displaying on each posts. I also have a fan page of the website where I regularly update about every post I do on website. But for example if someone like that post on FB fanpage, then it dosen’t reflect on to my website’s Fb Like counter.

    Example, If one post receives 10 likes on FB fanpage, then that same post on my website just have 2 likes. Basically, I want to sync these like between my website’s post and the post that I link then to Fb fanpage.

    Do revert back to this. Anything from your end would be helpful. Thanks in Advance.

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    Can’t do it. FaceBook has no way to sync it’s content on it’s site (i.e. your updates posted on FB) with your content on your site (i.e. your post).

    Sir, no offence, but sites like huffington post and others are seems to be syncing it well. 🙁

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    Not their likes, they’re not.

    As you described it you are:
    1) Posting an article on your WP site.
    2) Reposting that (either as a link or a note) on your FB site.

    And you want the likes from #1 and #2 to be combined? Ain’t gonna happen.

    RIGHT NOW, HuffPo has an article on how the face of homelessness is changing. On FB they have about 90 likes. On their OWN site that same article has over 500.

    If that’s not what you’re trying to do, then I apologize for misreading your statement. Could you rehprase?

    Am sorry.
    You are right.
    I also read Fb’s documentation and there is also no mentioning of any such thing.

    But I can clearly recall a post somewhere on web which explained how the share button (on that post AddThis’s FB Share button was used) is summing up the Likes + Shares + Comments and showing the total in the counter. I guess, it would be some old news, right ?

    And those Likes + Shares + Comments total was fetched from Fb Fan Page and the counter on the website was showing that total.

    Example: Post titled “ABC” was posted on a website, then it’s URL was shared on the website’s Facebook Fan Page. Now, if that entry on Fb Fanpage gets 2 Likes, 3 shares and 5 comments; then the share button on the website would show 10 (2+3+5).

    Just let me know if it’s possible, or am dreaming !
    Because I know it’s nearly hypothetical. But wanted to ask you (once again !)
    Thanks for your consistent replies.

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    I think you’re referring to what FB did. They merged their links and shares buttons so they use the same one.

    The only way to have likes show the total for ‘multiple’ sites is if they all have the same web address. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7021057/how-to-combine-likes-for-same-content-available-in-two-languages-on-bilingual-si

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