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[Resolved] facebook status on timeline

  • Hey everyone,

    When I check the box to post the newly published article to my facebook timeline, It will always post a thumbnail image of one of our authors who is not associated with the article in anyway. This is kinda awkward – having a timeline full of articles with his face on them all 😛 If we could get the face of the author who is actually writing the article – that would be great.

    Thanks in advance for the help provided!

    – Aaron


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  • I have this same issue, I hate it! I have to uncheck the option to post and do it manually to get around it and it is so annoying.

    Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    You may test the post URL using the Facebook URL debugger to see which images might be picked up by Facebook’s parsers.

    I have image issues too. FaceBook refuses to pick the image attached to the particular post shared from my blog. I used the Facebook URL debugger and it came back with the error:

    Object at URL ‘http://www.ugochi-jolomi.com/2013/09/pressures-of-waiting-for-a-child.html’ of type ‘article’ is invalid because the domain ‘www.ugochi-jolomi.com’ is not allowed for the specified application id ‘211243842362257’. You can verify your configured ‘App Domain’ at https://developers.facebook.com/apps/211243842362257.

    I have no clue what this means or how to fix it. Please help me!!!

    Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    Teshuva: you need to visit the basic settings page for your Facebook application (211243842362257) and enter ugochi-jolomi.com in the app domain field and a Website with Facebook Login value of http://www.ugochi-jolomi.com/. You may view more information about the missing values in the Facebook Login section of your Facebook settings debugger in the WordPress admin interface of your site.

    How do I get the website login value?

    Thanks a lot Niall, I figured out those two. But after that I used the debug tool and it came back with another error.

    Scrape Information

    Response Code: 200
    Fetched URL: http://www.ugochi-jolomi.com/
    Canonical URL: http://www.ugochi-jolomi.com/2013/09/pressures-of-waiting-for-a-child.html
    Open Graph Warnings That Should Be Fixed

    Inferred Property: The ‘og:description’ property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags.
    Inferred Property: The ‘og:image’ property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags.
    og:image should be larger: Provided og:image is not big enough. Please use an image that’s at least 200×200 px. Image ‘http://www.ugochi-jolomi.com/wp-content/themes/eleven40/images/teshuvalogo.png’ will be used instead.

    What should I do? Please help me solve this problem, thanks a lot for your time.

    Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    Teshuva: please start a new support thread to address various issues you are experiencing with Facebook indexing and/or the Facebook plugin for WordPress.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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