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  • I’m having the same problem. Today’s post shows a page not found error, even though the share button worked perfectly right up until today.

    And now none of the Facebook shares are working, giving me different errors: Some say Page not found, some say database error, some just have the page name with no info.

    Hello, I’m in the same boat. I see similar issues since a couple months ago. Actually, the ONLY REASON I STILL USE THIS plugin is because the icons options are the best so far and look really beautiful. But still there are issues when it comes to share contents on Facebook. Google+ started worked ok a couple upgrades ago. Linkedin and Twitter always worked fine. But there is something with the sharing on Facebook that is annoying.
    Today I detected this thing of “Page not found”, and also posts in Facebook where the image were not retrieved, yet it really exists and FB debug detect it. In other sites, FB decided to show a different image in the posts and other in the sharer, which is completely unrelated and wont fix even if I rerun the FB debugger.

    FB Debugger is saying for some posts that the image is not big enough, but it is 610×335… and I’ve been able to share posts where the image measured 400px width.

    I tested this by enabling/disabling alternatively the Open Graph data in Shareaholic and in WordPress SEO and still dont find the right combination (or recipe). And it’s completely annoying.

    For the guys above me: are you using WordPress SEO by Yoast? or even the official Facebook plugin?

    So, what the hell is going on?
    Is this probably happenning due to a badly writeen Open Graph implementation? Who’s screwing our posts?

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    When I first ran “” through the debugger, Facebook returned a timeout error. This means Facebook could not retrieve your page fast enough. I hit refresh a few times and on the 3rd try Facebook was able to get to your page.

    This is perhaps a (slow) hosting or Facebook issue?

    It’s been working with the same hosting up until yesterday.

    I ran the URL through the Facebook debugger yesterday and ten second ago and received no errors. Image was visible.

    Same issue trying to post the links for four Facebook users, logged in, who have tried to post.

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    All Shareaholic does is pass through the URL and Title to facebook like so:

    At this point it’s all up to Facebook to pull up the right information via scanning for open graph tags, etc. Facebook is a little different from other services that it auto-detects the image, description, etc for the page directly themselves.

    You should make sure:

    1) Your servers and webpages are up and accessible by Facebook bots / crawlers at all time
    2) Your open graph tags (specifically the image tags) are set correctly for each page — Shareaholic will automatically do this for you, if you so choose
    3) There is no other plugin that may be pinging Facebook API’s before you’ve actually published the post (if this is the case, Facebook may be trying to crawl the webpage before it is actually publicly available – leading to a 404)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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