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    Hi There

    The Facebook sharing icon at the bottom of each post is showing in the Dutch language. This started yesterday I believe, although it may have begun after I updated to WP 4.9.5 the other day.

    All other buttons appear to be fine.

    Any ideas as to why this happened?

    Feck News

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author socialdude


    Hi Feck News (cool name!),

    Thank you for reporting this. That’s a strange case. Do you have anywhere Dutch selected as language in your WP settings (not only in our plugin, but anywhere else)?

    This plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-social-media-plus/ allows you to specify the language of the rectangle icons (under question 6). So if you cannot find the cause for the above, maybe install the other plugin and then set the language of those icons to English.

    Cheers and thanks about the name. Was rather pleased with it 🙂

    I checked the language setting on WP and it all says English. SO I Dl’ed the additional plug-in and chose the icons to be in English also. Sadly it’s still showing in Dutch, yet the email and Twitter ones are in English.

    I might try an full re-install of both plugins.

    Plugin Author socialdude


    Feck. Ok, then please let me know what happens after you re-installed them.

    Hi again

    I’ve completely uninstalled and re-installed but the problem is persisting. I’ve gone through each setting and I cannot see anywhere where it doesn;t say anything other than Language – English.

    The only major change of the site was I installed a plugin the other day to be able to include a video in the “featured image” section. I may play around with that also in case that was the issue.

    Other than all of that I’m completely befuddled 🙂

    Plugin Author socialdude


    Yes, strange. But that’s a good idea, most likely it is a conflicting plugin. De-activate it temporarily, to see which one is the culprit.

    I’ve noticed that anytime I insert a video into the body of a post, be it from Youtube or anywhere else, all the text is in Dutch as well.

    Am lost at this stage as to why this is happening. I might look to uninstall any video related plugins and take it from there.

    An example of a video post is this one –

    ON further checking online it appears the issue in connected with anything to do with FAcebook. It seems it only affects facebook image.vid insertions as well as the facebook like and share tabs. Being a noob relying on nice and handy CMS, this is mind-melting haha

    Plugin Author socialdude


    Yes I bet. Please try de-activating some plugins to see if those cause it.

    We may have located the problem, just not sure now about the solution.

    MY servers are based in the NEtherlands via Green Geeks. The only other options there are for hosting servers in the US which I would like to avoid.

    Do you know of any way I can work around this for Facebook insertions or Buttons?

    Plugin Author socialdude


    I’m afraid I don’t, but yes, if your servers are based in the Netherlands then I guess it’s not a coincidence. Maybe can you check this point with your server guys / hosting company?

    Already in progress. And I’ve been onto Facebook as well to see if any light can be shed there.

    I’ll move them if I really have to. unfortunately there may be a decrease in site speed which ain’t ideal.

    IF you find out anything that would be great. IN the meantime I’ll keep you posted.

    Plugin Author socialdude


    As another idea I checked your SSL but it seems also ok https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html#hostname=https://www.fecknews.com/terror-in-temple-bar/.

    Yes, please let me know what you find out. Strange thing.

    Plugin Author socialdude


    I close this now as there are no actions required from us right now. If we can help again, please post here. Thank you!

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