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  • I have three WordPress blogs on my dedicated IP address server. Two of them are having issues sharing and liking to Facebook.

    The Share button doesn’t allow sharing. The Like button doesn’t work either. It’s not just from the blogs though. It also seems to be happening when we copy and paste links to Facebook that are from these two sites ( and

    Others are telling us they are having the same issue sharing or liking our posts on Facebook, although no everyone seems to be having the issue. The only way I can share from our blogs to Facebook is via HootSuite. I’ve tried different plugins AND I’ve tried copying and pasting a link directly to Facebook.

    (When I try to Share from the blog I get the Share box that pops up but clicking the Share button in that box it will fade like it’s trying to post it then unfade and do nothing.)

    I’ve contacted Facebook several times and am not exactly surprised to not hear back from them. I’m not sure if it’s an issue on their end or maybe a conflict on between them and our blogs.

    Is anyone aware of an issue like this? Maybe a plugin causing a conflict or….?

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  • P.S. I didn’t put this in the plugins forum because it doesn’t seem to be a plugin issue. No other plugins work and posting directly to Facebook from these blogs won’t work either.

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