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    I’m having an odd problem. I’m trying to share my blog posts on Facebook and when the Facebook preview shows up, it shows my post title, a thumbnail, but the beginning of the post content isn’t being used. It’s using what appears to be an older version of my site’s description or tagline, and it’s duplicated.

    I’ve double checked all my dashboard locations and cannot find any use of this old tagline anymore so I don’t know where this is coming from. I’ve tried Bookmarkify and Add-to-Any, and both return the same result in my Facebook preview. So it must be something in my blog.

    I’m using TwentyTen Weaver as a child theme. So I’m basically using TwentyTen with a child theme’s modifications in the CSS.

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  • Actually, I discovered it’s my meta description and meta keywords that are getting in the Facebook content area. Now I don’t understand why they’re in there because I’m using All-in-one SEO and those are not my description or keywords, yet they’re showing up in my Facebook content when I share.

    Any ideas why I’m getting this?

    Found out why. The Twenty Ten Weaver Advanced Options was using a set of keywords I had in the system, but then changed. It was “locked in” until I deleted them.

    I am using Twenty Eleven and having a similar problem. The share button is working correctly for email and print, but keeps sending an old post to facebook. How does one get to “Advanced Options” to delete the keywords you are referring to?

    Tried brute force. Removed facebook as a sharing option and then put it back. I probably haven’t really fixed the problem as my intention is to edit that page on a regular basis, but it does start serving the proper content after that maneuver.

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