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  • Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic

    Could you post a link to your site, so I can have a look?

    ANY website that has a like button will do. (the word “like” on a Dutch browser becomes a longer Verb So…it depends on the language Facebook detect) (so giving my website, , would not show it if you run it in EN)

    The default width of the iframe (now set to 95px I believe) should in the case of Dutch probably be something like 120px.

    e.g. Add This:

    Ok. I found in function get_display( $post )

    // Default widths to suit English
    			$inner_w = 90;
    			// Locale-specific widths/overrides
    			$widths = array(
    				'bg_BG' => 120,
    				'cs_CZ' => 135,
    				'de_DE' => 120,
    				'da_DK' => 120,
    				'es_ES' => 122,
    				'es_LA' => 110,
    				'fi_FI' => 100,
    				'it_IT' => 100,
    				'ja_JP' => 100,
    				'nl_NL' => 130,
    				'ru_RU' => 128,

    But … I dont understand this: whatever the locale of my website (english) a visitor can come from any of these countries and then won’t see the correct display for this button?

    So if my locale is english the width is 90 but if a visitor from the Netherlands visits he will see a screwed up button because he needs a width of 130.

    It seems $this->guess_locale_from_lang( get_locale() ) is used to determine the locale.

    I think this is of not much use for the facebook button because simply takes the locale of the blog itself…

    Instead of $this->guess_locale_from_lang( get_locale() ) something like $this->guess_locale_from_lang( get_USER_BROWSER_locale() ) should be used.


    I think the safest would be if Facebook would return the locale it detected…. (since it probably uses the data the user has supplied in Facebook ITSELF for the locale) …

    Knowing that … is Share_Facebook.guess_locale_from_lang then not totally unneeded? Since it is of no influence on the like / vind ik leuk button ?

    I thought: let’s make the local fixed for the US to solve it, so I changed the following hardcoded :

    $locale = $this->guess_locale_from_lang( get_locale() );
    if ( $locale && ('en_US' != $locale) && isset( $widths[$locale] ))
     {$inner_w = $widths[$locale];}
     {$locale = 'en_US';}
    $url .= '&locale='. $locale .'&width=' .$inner_w;

    ( in the previous case IF it WAS US then it would not add that to the local strong…. which is not handy because for every visitor outside of the US … it will take the locale from facebook and change the width)

    If this is OK can it be added as a fix? (since else I will lose the fix with the new update)

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic

    I am sorry, but I am not sure I understand the issue.

    Jetpack indeed uses your blog’s locale to define the language used in the Facebook Like button, as well as the width of that button.

    Since your blog locale is ‘en-US’, the button uses the English version of the button, and is displayed properly.

    If you want to use the Dutch version of the button, you should set your blog locale to Dutch, and the button will also be displayed properly, since we have set a larger width (130px):

    Could you send me an example where you experience issues with the Dutch Like button?


    a) it shows it properly now because I fixed it (or made it fixed)
    b) (copy original code back + turn of cloudflare cache + make screenshot + upload) : here is the example:
    c) I will NOT touch the code so you can test it out: just change your own FACEBOOK PROFILE to DUTCH (uhm … remember how to set it back) and THEN visit ANY site that has a facebook like button (well… the ones that do NOT pass &locale= in the URL of the iframe src) and you will see “vind ik leuk”…..


    1. Independent of your own website locale that has a certain width associated with it : the CONTENTS of the facebook like button frame (so NOT the width of DIV) will look at the locale of the logged in facebook user. Which means: even if you have a website locale of En_US and thus a width of 90 set on the DIV… if a visitor from the Netherlands visits your weblog … he will NOT see “Like” but he will see “vind ik leuk” and THUS that setting of a 90px because your own locale happens to be en_US has totally no use because it needs to be 130px for a logged in user from the Netherlands. You merely set a div of 90 pix which is too short for almost any language.
    IF you want to FORCE “like” (90px) instead of “vind ik leuk” (130px) then you should pass en_US (“locale=”) ALWAYS in the URL for the iframe src= but in the current code implementation en_US is not passed in the URL (because there is no ELSE loop) and thus the CONTENTS of the div will grow to “vind ik leuk” instead of “like”. (the bit of code actually fixes that if loop to ALWAYS pass the en_US).

    2. Since that is a short of workaround because that language support has not been build in for nothing (its probably nicer to use the facebook translations depending on the visitor not what the blog locale prescribes) probably another way should be found out to make sure the DIV is the same length as the CONTENT. You now merely focus on setting the DIV a fixed length on the blogs locale.I read a trick about that on StackOverflow but I first need to make sure the problem is communicated well enough 🙂

    p.s.: im talking about /jetpack/modules/sharedaddy/sharing-source.php ; class class Share_Facebook ; method get_display

    So… the code above fixes issue 1 BUT… is not the ideal solution however as soon as you ACK I would like to hear your thoughts on a better solution (issue 2)

    So the CURRENT code in jetpack/sharedaddy is:

    if ( $locale ) {
      if ( 'en_US' != $locale ) {
        $url .= '&locale=' . $locale;
      if ( isset( $widths[$locale] ) ) {
        $inner_w = $widths[$locale];

    You can see here that IF ‘en_US’ IS the locale of the weblog that the ‘&locale=’ will NOT be passed in the iframe src URL which means … Facebook will just take the locale of the logged in Facebook user from whatever country he or she comes to render the CONTENTS of the iframe because none was passed in the iframe src URL which e.g. leads to :

    My short-term fix is e.g.:

    if ( $locale && ('en_US' != $locale) && isset( $widths[$locale] ))
     {$inner_w = $widths[$locale];}
    else {$locale = 'en_US';}
    $url .= '&locale='. $locale .'&width=' .$inner_w;
    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic

    Thanks for the explanations. I understand, and could reproduce the issue by making the switch to Dutch on my Facebook account.

    We’ll have a look at this, and I will post again here as soon as we fix the issue.

    As for the long term fix (or maybe you can fiddle this in a filter) :

    My website uses Cloudflare which allows me to see the Visitors Country based on IP via

    if (array_key_exists('HTTP_CF_IPCOUNTRY', $_SERVER)) {
     $country =  $_SERVER["HTTP_CF_IPCOUNTRY"];

    If I would have a filter to directly specify instead of my website locale the locale of the $country I could support a LIKE button width based on the originating country.

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