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  • Hi again, Marcelo. I checked the Facebook share dialog both above and below your content on the linked page. The information does appear to be correct. Please, understand that our plugin has very little authority over the data that Facebook stores for a post. By default, our plugin does automatically set the og:image tag, but if you use a more expansive Open Graph plugin, you have the option to turn this feature off under Advanced Settings, but having more than one og:image defined does not cause any complications.

    You can check your Open Graph definitions by opening the ‘View Page Source’ tool on any page and performing a search for og:. The og:image tag we set is commented with <!-- Shareaholic Open Graph Tags -->

    When new content is posted to the web, Facebook scans the URL and extracts data that it caches and uses to identify the content, some of which is seen when sharing or liking the page. If you ever run into a problem with what data is shown when using the Facebook share button in our plugin, open the content’s permalink and check if the shared data matches what appears when using Facebook’s official bookmarklet. The information should be exactly the same, because when you interact with our button, it redirects you to the same sharing submission form on Facebook’s server where Facebook loads their cached data into the dialog (image, title, description).

    Now, if the sharing information Facebook loads conflicts with the Open Graph data that appears in your page source, please run the URL through Facebook’s Debugger Tool to force a new scan of your content so that any changes which have been made will be cached and applied during shares and to also check for any errors that need to be corrected in your Open Graph Meta Tags. This tends to be a quick way to resolve any Facebook-sharing issues.

    Hope this helps!

    Great! Excelent explanation Celeste. I will try the official tools you mentioned. I noticed that this misbehaviour in the links within Facebook sharer button occurs often when you schedule a post an then open the preview link. Looks like if the post is not already published, something is messing in the Facebook cache.
    I also noticed that this bad behaviour happened both in two scenarios:
    1) WordPress site with Shareaholic counters and facebook official plugin used for Recommendations Bar.
    2) WordPress site with Shareaholic counters and Alex Moss’ plugin Facebook Recommendations Bar.

    So, as you said, this bug is probably related to how Facebook cache information about scheduled posts. Maybe this bug is solved now that I can see the today’s upgrade in the Facebook official plugin:
    They say “Improve social publisher compatibility with scheduled posts.”

    I will be testing this in both scenarios, with shareaholic, and with/without Facebook official plugin.


    Hey again, Marcelo 🙂

    Sorry that it took so long to get back to you. Things have been SUPER-BUSY! Facebook runs regular crawls of content around the web (think of it like a search engine bot). I believe that the newer the post, the more frequently it will be crawled, while older data may just sit around a little longer before Facebook refreshes what’s stored on their end.

    As soon as a page is published, Facebook grabs the data, but I don’t know how this works with drafts as they aren’t yet officially published. And because using the debugger prompts a recrawl of the page, the best way to see what Facebook has stored is to use the Facebook share button in our plugin and compare it to Facebook’s bookmarklet output. It does come down to Facebook crawling your site, and if the Facebook story is incorrect frequently right after publishing, their bot could be running into a problem with the initial scan, which I’m sure Facebook would be able to provide you with more detailed information. 🙂

    Hello Celeste, thanks for coming back to this issue. I updated the plugin in my websites so I will give it a try. I have to schedule several posts for this week so I will take a close eye to this.
    I hope this is solved now.
    Just hold on a couple days please; I’ll let you know about my findings.
    Best regards

    Hello Celeste, I continue seeing the issue. When you go see a preview of an actually scheduled post, a post which have not yet been posted, sometimes the counter for Facebook is showing several likes… and if you click on the Facebook sharer icon, it will show a completely different article in other URL of the site and even taking an image from yet another post of your site. Madness.

    The only way I found to fix that is
    1) only previewing drafts, before scheduling actually, or…
    2) using the Facebook Debugger to polish that details. Which is annoying when you publish several posts.

    And in regards to Related Content I will look for my other forum thread cause I’m still having issues with it.

    Hi, I’ve got the same problem.
    This is the post:
    If I try Facebook Debugger everything seems right, if I paste the link on my Facebook page i get the right picture, but when I use the shareaholic button in the post I get the wrong picture.
    I’ve tried specific plugin, i’ve pasted function code in functions.php file, I’ve reduced picture size but i didn’t succeed.

    I don’t know how to solve this issue.




    @supermillo – Try checking what your open graph image tag is for that post – instructions here. You can specify which image represents the page as well with these instructions.

    Let me know if that doesn’t help!

    I checked my page source and I found:
    <meta property=’og:image’ content=’’ />
    which is the correct picture, but when i try to share my post using shareaholic button I got another picture used in the post.

    Thanks for your help

    Plugin Author Shareaholic


    @supermillo can you point us to the page which contains this code?

    <meta property='og:image' content='' />

    It’s not on

    Sorry, you’re right this is the right page:

    I’ve tried facebook debugger and share preview shows me the right picture.

    Thank you for your help.

    Plugin Author Shareaholic


    @supermillo, that’s great!

    But if the share preview is correct why if i try to share my post using shareaholic button on this page:

    I get the wrong picture? 🙁

    I noticed something alike. Facebook Debugger grabbing the right image, but the sharer is choosing another one.

    @supermillo: do you use any other plugin like WordPress SEO or even the official Facebook plugin? Because both them also use to add their own open graph tags.

    Plugin Author Shareaholic


    @all we’re going to be releasing an update this week which *should* fix this issue. We’ve built in a feature which will automatically ask Facebook to clear its cache for the page when a post transitions state to “published” (ex. scheduled -> published). This should fix the “page not found” issue as Facebook should always have the most up to date scrape for the page.

    @shareaholic: sounds great. I wasn’t scheduling posts due to this issue making posts look unproffessional in social networks :(, but if you make it work, it will be a relief.
    Best regards

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