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  • I’ve been having issues with the Facebook Share button, when it loads it blocks other links by covering the page with a floating DIV; stretching the page height past the bottom on the page creating a load of whitespace at the bottom of the page. Then after about 30 seconds, the FB share button disappears completely and the invisible DIV disappears also.

    I realize that it’s probably FB changing something in their system that has broken the plugin integration, just giving a heads up and hoping for a fix soon, btw best plugin of it’s type for WordPress!

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  • Ditto here

    One of my client’s sites is also having this issue. It only happens in Firefox and Opera. IE and Chrome work fine. I haven’t had a chance to check Safari so I don’t know if that browser displays the bug as well.

    i was able to solve the problem of the div extending the page and creating whitespace by adding this to my css:

    iframe{height:auto !important;}

    however, the alignment of the icons/boxes is still an issue…

    Firefox = no
    Opera = no
    Camino = no
    SeaMonkey = no

    Chrome = yes
    Safari = yes

    I’m having similar issues with the Facebook Share button. It’s been fairly recently. Having these issues in both Safari and Firefox for Mac OS. When I use the Facebook Like button instead, no problems.

    And ditto. This is the best plugin of its type for WordPress, and I’ve tried many of them.


    The Firefox addon NoScript was blocking it on my WinXP system. Now it’s working on all browsers: Mozilla (Firefox, Seamonkey), Webkit (Chrome, Safari), Opera, IE8.

    In Firefox with NoScript, I can use “temporarily allow Facebook.”

    All my client’s sites are now showing the FB share button. Came back without me changing anything at my end which leads me to think it was a FB issue as myownalias assumed at the start of this thread.

    Any solutions on this?

    seems to be working now. Read my post right before yours

    This is still a problem.
    I had to activate the plugin because it was covering up a form.

    Sorry, I had to DEACTIVATE the plugin.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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