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  • msandford



    I’m trying to find a plugin that will automatically “share a link” on my facebook page wall whenever I create a new post. I’d want to be able to customise what goes in the title. e.g. “$category | $post_title”. And also categories that should be excluded.
    Is there one out there??


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  • xposurecreative


    I’ve been doing working on a similar thing this evening.

    I’ve found 2 applications that can take an rss feed and post it to your facebook pages wall. These are ‘Notes and ‘Social RSS‘.

    Notes allows you to add 1 rss feed to your wall and publish it with links. Social RSS allows you to add up to 5 rss feeds and also gives you more scope for customisation. Wether it will do the $category | $post_title, I don’t know.

    To exclude categories use a custom rss feed which excludes the categories you do not want to publish. An article on how to do this can be found here:

    HowTo: Exclude Categories from RSS Feeds

    Hope that helps.



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