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  • I have a blog with an rss feed, I imported the rss feed to my facebook website page and the post I had on my blog appeared twice on the wall of the facebook page. The note didn’t link back to my blog post, check it out it’s so frustratingly infuriating that the tards at fb can’t get this to work:
    The imported note from my rss should link back to the original post, but it doesn’t!

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  • That’s a problem with facebook, sadly.

    Yeah, facebook is pretty fucked up.

    In case your googling and you found this page, I just tried out RSS Grafitti, and it didn’t work. I [f-ing] wouldn’t add a post to my page no matter how much I tried. I’m pretty annoyed and [f-ing] pissed right now, that’s just how much energy I used banging my head on the idiotic interface of RSS Graffiti, don’t use RSS Graffiti, it’s fucking annoying and I [f-ing] warn you! It’s not worth it, sharing your posts by hand would be much easier than to try to tell stupid [f-ing] RSS Graffiti to do it. And the annoying thing is that there’s this thing in their user interface that makes you think that it should be possible to share older posts, but then there’s fucking nothing in the user interface that even suggests that it even remembers that you wanted to share the post, no consistency. And then I googled around and according to some staff at their forum that didn’t work, but yet their user interface deludes you into thinking that sharing old posts will work. Why [f-ing] bother with a stupid application that has a user interface that first lets you think you can do something, but when you wonder if you’ve done it in the right way it [f-ing] refuses to even recognize that you’ve done anything at all. It’s [f-ing] stupid, don’t use RSS Graffiti, I did and I’m now an hour older and no longer calm, and I still have to solve my original problem.

    Please don’t swear.

    The problem isn’t WordPress, it’s Facebook, and it’s not really something we can help you fix. Their idea of RSS import stinks, this is true, and their plugins don’t work as well as they should. So … Either pick up a WordPress/Facebook crosspost plugin, or do it manually.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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