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  • When I publish a new post with an image of mine, my Facebook timeline is automatically updated with the link via the “Sharing” component of my Jetpack set of plugins. Up until a few days ago, it would post a nice square thumbnail of the image along with the body text, but recently, it started posting awkwardly cropped thumbs wider than they are tall, cutting the heads off my portrait subjects. See what I’m talking about here:

    It’s hard to tell if this cropping issue is because Facebook has once again changed how things work on their timelines, or if it was the recent install and activation of Easy Fancy Box.

    When I first saw this, I thought I could correct it by creating and uploading a separate, appropriately-sized Feature Image in the related post, but that did not work. Click here to see the Featured Image:

    As an additional note, when I “share” the post from my FB timeline to someone’s else’s timeline, it reverts back to the normal square thumbnail:

    I have a feeling it might be a setting I’m overlooking in either my Easy Fancy Box plugin or Jetpack, but I’m at a loss. I do have some other plugins installed, but these are the only image-related ones. The rest are SEO and other utilities.

    Can anyone help me get my thumbnails in the FB posts to look more like the Featured Images I’m creating, or at least, back to the square thumbnail?

    Here’s a direct link to the page on my blog:

    Thanks everyone! I’m only an intermediate user, so forgive my green-hornedness…


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  • I’m having the same issue with the Facebook plugin. Any luck with a solution? If so, please post it here.

    Same thing is happening to me now on my fan page, please advise if you’ve found a solution. I’m using the open graph plugin exclusively.

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