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    Hello again, I was wondering wherebouts I would look to set an image thumbnail for when a link to my site is posted on facebook? ?Currently it only posts the welcome note with no acompanying image.
    heres my site



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  • Ah I see we have the same question. I’ve posted mine here:

    No answers yet.

    I found this plugin btw. Trying it now

    It worked for me!



    did it work for you? didnt work for me, think its cause I have no images on my home page, just txt, so it draws on that. might be able to edit it so it draws on the header maybe…hmmmmm…hopefully someone will get back to one of us..ill keep u posted.

    There are probably better ways of doing this but I’m not a very good coder and I avoid it as much as possible. My problem is fixed now, I think.

    Anyway, the plugin draws information like this:

    1) featured image
    2) first image on page
    3) default image (which you can set, eg logo of your website)

    You may be able to disable the second one, so only the first and third option work. You could contact the developer or browse the support page.

    Does your theme support featured images? Otherwise this plugin won’t work for you anyway.



    yep, got there, just set the featured image and it now draws from my header or something like that, but it now works, whoo. thanks for the hook up with the plug in, and if you come across nay horizontal side scrolling themes or ways to make it happen, sling it my way.

    Cheers Florence


    Yay good job! You’re welcome 🙂 Don’t know of any free horizontally side scolling themes. But you could take a look at premium themes. I’m using ThemeForest’s Foodpress theme myself.

    See ya Harry!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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