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  • So quite simply this plugin does not seem to work. It definitely does not seem to work with a Genesis theme (1.8.1) .

    Facebook Plugin comments section does not generate any comments and the installation instructions do not mention that the plugin sends you over to to pick up iframe script to then manually insert into your theme.

    Frankly, using the Facebook Comments Plugin by Alex Moss is infinitely better. Why doesn’t Facebook simply pay Alex a couple hundred thousand dollars and have him build his plugin all over again for Facebook?

    This plugin was a waste of time and way way over hyped

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  • mattkelly


    Can you be more explicit with what features you’re looking for? I don’t understand what you mean by “it sends you over to to pick up iframe script”.

    This plugin doesn’t actually do that all. There’s just a checkbox to enable comments.

    Specifically, after activating the plugin and properly connecting the plugin to the facebook app,which does work and has been used extensively before hand, comments simply fail to load. There is no comment box, no past comments pull in either (note the app has historical comments already).

    In the plugin settings area on the right side of the screen where the comments check box exists, there is a read more link that takes you to the facebook developers page where it discusses adding the facebook comments iframe.

    If there is some other location where comment settings might also exist (past the three fields that require the 2 keys and the app name) I could not find them and this was not referenced in the plugin setup.

    (note someone marked this thread resolved, which it is not)

    To be even more specific the installation instructions read:

    1. Install Facebook for WordPress either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server (in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory).
    2. After activating the plugin, you will be asked to set up your Facebook app (via, with step-by-step instructions.
    3. That’s it. You’re ready to go!

    1 & 2 both done, but that does not yield the result in step 3

    Furthermore, the instructions do not mention anything about configuring options, in this cases specifically setting up comments

    Specifically, (again)

    Check the box for comments (done)
    set the number of existing comments (done set at 40)

    set the width of the comment box in pixels (done set at 600)

    set the color scheme (done set at light)

    result no comments displayed on single post pages

    attempted to change width to 600px instead of 600 on the off chance that the instructions are lacking (ergo user error from bad guidance)

    result is that an error message popped up stating that indeed only an integer value would be accepted

    still no comments

    changed color scheme to dark

    no comments

    side notes

    I do run the site on cloudflare, and did test with all cache turned off by running the site in development mode

    result no change, no comments

    Also the Facebook Comments plugin works fine on the same site running the same working Facebook app.

    What I’ve noticed is that articles without any comments, won’t show a FB comments box.

    The posts that do already have a few comments (using a previous FB comments plugin or manual code), will show up the box. Which is a bit odd.

    that is odd, for the record, where I have tested it the comments box doesn’t show up in either scenario (where previous comments exist or not)


    Plugin Contributor Matt Kelly (Facebook)


    Can you paste URLs for posts/pages that we can check out and exhibit the issue? Thanks

    Here’s one (based on the Woo framework):

    On comments on this post yet, so the commenting box doesn’t appear

    And this post has had a comment before (via a manual FB comments module), which appears:

    Other stuff that’s not quite right:
    – commenting box appears above ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons. Can this be controlled in any way?
    – As mentioned by Brettbum above, the width set doesn’t seem to be taken into account.
    – Can he styling of the box be controlled (I need it to sit on a white background

    actually, i’ve managed to get this to run as expected… my own fault, commenting was turned off, that’s why.

    Plugin Author Facebook


    Thanks for the update! Closing this out.

    @facebook Why would you close it out? It is not yet working.

    I’ve attempted running this with WordPress comments turned on and with them turned off with the same result, no Facebook comments box shows up at all. I’m happy that Silvanovicz was able to get the plugin running, but that has not solved the problem on my end. (if you will notice I opened this ticket, and re-opened it after it was shut down after no replies and no action taken at all.)

    Just opened it back up again. (One of the annoying things about is the premature closure of issues that are not truly resolved)



    I have the same problem. Everything was working just fine the first day of installation but by day 2 the comments boxes are missing as is the little floating box on the lower corner that recommends historical posts to readers. To see what I mean please visit

    Comments box missing here too…



    Not sure if the theme matters but I am using Blaskan and I am not getting the comment boxes, like buttons, or send buttons either. However posting to my FB page and profile both work.

    Just curious,but @jean and @prozachtx did you rate the plugin or indicate that it does or does not work with the version of wordpress you are using?

    btw I can confirm that I do not see the comments box either on the DeliverMeDiamonds site. I was checking in from a PC running Chrome.

    (would be nice if those polls for plugins included a snapshot of the theme in use, and the host in use as well)

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