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  • I will be putting together a pro-bono site for a local political candidate, we want to stream line as much as possible. I have read about both these plugins and want to know how new users feel about them.
    I do know that the author will want to be able to ‘choose’ what posts to Facebook when they are making a post to WP.

    Time is short that’s why I am asking, I have no time for lots of testing.
    I just want something simple that works.

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  • Wordbooker can be set so that you can chose to publish a post (or a page) to FB or not. It takes either the first few hundred characters of the post or you can use the WordPress Post Extract field and tell Wordbooker to use that rather than the start of the post.

    Also you can, and this is the way I use it, publish on your blog and review and check everything and then push the post to Facebook.

    Hi dragonsjaw,

    Facebook Page Publish has a limited feature set (no like-button, no comment integration, only publishing from WP to FB) but is well-tested and very easy to use.

    However, Facebook Page Publish requires the page administrator to create a Facebook Application. As far as I know, the Wordbooker authors already provide a “shared” application, so Wordbooker might be a lot easier to set up.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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