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  • Hello, I’ve been searching but I have yet to find a good Plugin for this. I dont want to use my my full summery or Excerpt. I would like to have another section under these where it lets me to input a different title, description, image, and media. Does anyone know where I can find a good plugin that will allow me to do this or how I can do it. My full summery uses shortcodes and so does my Excerpt and in the Description it shows the code of the shortcode. I wouldnt mind using the shortcodes for the embed area if allowed though but for Description I just want it to show text is all about that page or post.

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  • I dont mean to bump this but this is what im trying to do.

    Where I can have my own written (not what its generated with the site) for main page image, title, & description. Posts and Pages image meta is good but I want my own written description and title. Like an section on new post or new page or when you edit page or post and can do it from there.

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