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  • Suddenly on September 9th Facebook no longer sees the photos on my blog posts, so offers no thumbnails. (Links with thumbnail photos had been working fine till then.) I’ve done nothing different in WP, made no changes in the coding. The posts and the photos in them look no different. I’m totally baffled. This is important because my business relies on images!

    FYI on Facebook I’m “Joyful Spaces” and on wordpress my website is

    What I’ve tried:

    – I’ve checked with my ISP and they see nothing wrong or different – the photos are there under wp-content/upload.

    – If I post a link on FB to someone else’s blog, their thumbnail shows up.

    – If I post a link on FB to one of my own posts pre-9/9 the thumbnail shows up.

    – If I post a link on FB to any one of my friends, as well as on my own page and fan page – NO thumbnail.

    I posted a version of this question last week and no one responded. Help!

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  • I have the exact same problem with the same date. It’s still on going. Has yours been resolved? I have tried other people’s WordPress site and theirs seem fine. I’m thinking is my hosting company – Go Daddy.

    This problem has not been resolved. Actually I resolved it briefly by deactivating all plug-ins and reactivating one at a time. Worked for a couple of days but now it’s doing it again – with no additional changes on my part. VERY frustrating. Also frustrating that no one has replied to suggest any fixes.

    My webhost is FatCow, FWIW.

    Let me know if you figure something out.



    Ok. I did a little more search and found that Facebook and Digg Thumbnail generator might actually solve the problem.

    After I installed the plugin, I created a new post and did the facebook share and it worked! Then, I went back to the older posts and found out that the most recent ones worked, but not the older ones. I waited a little bit and went back to the older ones and found out that actually some of them started to work. I guess this is it. It just takes time for the older ones.

    Hope it helps!



    YAY!!!! I followed your instructions – installed the thumbnail generator and
    just reshared a recent post. The topmost photo showed up!!! (others in the post weren’t among the choices, but I only need one).

    Thanks so much for persisting with this and sharing your solution.



    You’re welcome! I’m glad it worked for you as well. You should be able to choose all your thumbnails for your new posts.

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    Have a great night!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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