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    Is there anyway to turn off simple facebook connects automatic metadata.

    I use a lot of custom fields for my site and SFC doesn’t pick this data up.

    I have modified my theme to populate this data myself as there is no option in SFC to select custom fields to populate this data but i now have two sets of opengraph data on my sites.


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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    No, there is no such option. If you’re doing something wholly custom like this, then I recommend not using SFC at all. Custom is custom, and if you’re going to do custom things that don’t fit within the normal boundaries of WordPress, then the plugins which assume you’re doing things normally will tend not to work.

    SFC assumes you’re doing things in the WordPress way. It can’t cope with custom setups.

    could i suggest adding a tickbox for future version that is by default on?

    This would allow people who want to include custom data (i.e. a specific custom field for opengraph thumbnails) in their themes.

    The rest of the plugin works perfectly.


    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    No, because making that optional makes no sense. It’s a useless option for most people. Making extraneous options misses the whole point of the plugin trying to be “simple”. An option that 90% of people don’t need shouldn’t be an option in the first place.

    “Decisions, not options.”

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    Note that if you want, you can just remove that meta generation bit with something like this in your theme’s functions.php file:


    I can’t predict in what ways this will break various pieces of the plugin though. Like and Share certainly won’t work right, and publish might be missing bits as well.

    i’ve commented out the creation part in the plugin. I’ll give that a go though


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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