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  • Same issue but slightly different – it worked on my website on Firefox for an hour or two and then suddenly disappeared.

    Plugin Contributor Danish Ali Malik


    Hi caolislay,

    Hope you are working good today.I just test it on my system in firefox 42.0 and Internet Explorer both are working fine here
    1. your site like box
    2. my test like box
    and use de_DE in locale field.
    Check the adds on that you installed on your browser. Deactivate them and check it is it work.
    Can i know which operating system is using by you?


    Plugin Contributor Danish Ali Malik


    Hi dhv77,

    You also read above comment and follow that.


    Hi DaNish Ali.

    Thanks for your hint regarding the Firefox plugins.

    Indeed, I have installed the “Blur” add-on (formerly “donottrack”). Once, I disable this plugin, the facebook like box is displayed under Firefox.

    The Internet Explorer does not have such a plugin installed.

    Any chance of circumventing the Blur addon? If active, it simply displays the title of the widget. Once Blur is active, that results in having a title displayed on the website and nothing else. Of course, that title header makes every user trying to click it. Since it is not clickable, nothing happens.

    As a workaround, I have removed the title. So if someone uses Blur, at least there is no irritating title 😉

    Plugin Contributor Danish Ali Malik


    Hi caolislay,

    If you deactivate the Blur add-on on firefox, then it is working fine or not?

    Dear Ali

    If Blur add-on is decativated, it works fine.

    Hi All,

    I just launched a new site: and noticed that the Like Box also does not work in Firefox 42 on Mac operating system. Working fine in Chrome and Safari on the Mac.

    I do not have the Blur Add-on. I have the following 4 addons:

    Web Developer

    If anyone finds a way to get this working let me know.

    Thanks! I’ll be following the thread.

    So, no movement on this? Does anyone know of a good Facebook Like box plugin that works in all browsers?


    Just installed this plugin for the first time and was initially impressed – until I checked it in several browsers – It is not displaying at all in some.


    On Windows 7
    Firefox 42.0 – nothing displayed (No add ons enabled)
    Opera 33.0 – Works perfect
    Safari 5.1.7 – nothing displayed
    IE 11.0 – Works perfect
    Chrome 46.0 – Works perfect

    On Android
    Firefox – Works perfect

    On Win 10
    Firefox 42.0 – nothing displayed (No add ons enabled)
    Microsoft Edge – Works perfect

    Seems very erratic what it works on?

    My shortcode [efb_likebox fanpage_url="TheWestgate.Torquay" fb_appid="1234142126599740" box_width="250" box_height="350" locale="en_GB" responsive="1" show_faces="0" show_stream="1" hide_cover="0" small_header="0" hide_cta="0" ]

    Can anyone please help or advise? – Or do I need to look for another plugin?

    Might be Firefox Private Browsing settings?
    I had a similar problem with another plug in – worked in Firefox for me but not for someone else.
    It seems Firefox Private Browsing shows a shield in the left of the address bar to indicate it is operational and from there you can turn it off for the session if the user doesn’t want to turn Firefox Private Browsing fully off.

    On my side, the widget doesn’t appear when consulting my site via PC.
    Firefox, Chrome or IE doesn’t change anything.
    BUT widget works fine via Android (tablet) with Firefox or Chrome…
    Thank you for your help


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