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  • Hi,

    I’m using the “Socialize” plug in for social sharing, and a few days ago the Facebook Like button on it stopped working. You can still press it, and it shows the counter go by “+1”, but the actual post doesn’t get shared on Facebook’s Timeline of the respective person.

    My latest post can be found here, Facebook Like is at the bottom along with Twitter/Google+1 buttons:

    I’m using “Suffusion” theme, and it’s been recently upgraded, so I’ve written on their support forums about the problem. Here’s the answer I got:

    “It is not a theme bug, is yours – check your site at, you have 43 errors that mess up the mark-up of theme and also the mark-up needed by Open Graph Protocol for managing Like’s…”

    I can confirm that there are all sorts of validation errors, but I’m a complete newbie to HMTL, so I don’t know how I should fix these.

    Any tips will be GREATLY appreciated.


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  • It’s not my plugin messing up the markup but the buttons themselves. Unfortunately there is not much I can do and I am working to incorporate different versions of the buttons into the next release. The solution is to not use the official widgets and buttons provided by the services but that would defeat the purpose of the plugin.

    As far as the Facebook like button goes, Facebook is weird about how and where it displays your likes. I’ve noticed after liking something with the button, the like will be half way down my Facebook page instead of at the top. Also, if I’ve previously liked something on a site, sometimes it won’t show up at all. My plugin doesn’t control where the likes appear in Facebook and only facilitates including the button on your site.

    Hey Jon,

    Thanks a lot for responding!

    Actually your Plugin kicks ass, I’ve tried a number of different ones and this one works by far the best for me!

    Since posting, I did notice that some other sites have “broken” Facebook Likes as well. It appears that Facebook has changed something in the functionality, making all of the “old” Facebook Like buttons not function (or not post to Timeline).

    So, it’s certainly not your Plugin that is at fault, because it worked just fine all the way until now. I do hope that you find a way to address the issue in the future releases, or that Facebook get their act together and return the original functionality!

    Thanks again and keep up the great work,

    PS: Having changed to the “Facebook Share” button in your Plugin instead has actually helped, but I do hope that the “Like” button starts working again

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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