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  • Hi, love the plugin but have noticed, after a little testing, that the Facebook ‘like’ button doesn’t actually share a post or page to Facebook. You will find my website here:

    The plugin also seems to have difficulty in updating itself in relation to the total number of shares, requiring a browser refresh. This is particularly notable under Google Chrome.

    I’m hoping a fix is in the pipeline for the very near future or will have to switch to an alternative plugin for sharing.

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  • I am having the same issue with Flare, but I have also tried installing various other plugins and all not working on my website.

    Could be the theme you are using – try switching to default twenty twenty theme temporarily to see if anything changes. I ended up switching to Digg Digg share plugin, which works perfectly. Its a real shame about Flare as I loved its design.

    I tried it deactivating all plugins and switching to twenty twelve but no luck. Looks like I may have to switch to Digg Digg if it solves the issue. The thing is I tried not long ago and it had the same issue. You got it on your site working stevenpreece?

    Digg Digg is causing me another issue now… Really losing hope now!

    The first sharing plugin I ever used was addthis. I don’t use it now as I prefer the design of Digg Digg but its the only plugin I found which worked regardless of theme. You may want to give it a try. You didn’t say what problems you were having?

    Same, I used Addthis a while ago on a few sites I was working on and it never caused any issues.

    Using Digg Digg right now because I love the floating display next to articles, Flare was my preferred choice for design but I couldn’t get the Facebook like to work at all. I have ended up turning on the option in Digg Digg as both the IFrame and XFBML Like options won’t work for me in the floating display.

    My site is (go to any article to see the sharing options). I turned off the Like in the floating display but I really want to get it working. I could add it to a page to show you if you want to see how it reacts?

    Did you try contacting Flare also? Seems that FB has left a lot of people in the dark with their recent changes to how likeing/sharing works.

    I did try Flare and loved the design but Facebook share didn’t actually ‘share’ and counters didn’t keep up with the amount of ‘likes’ – required page refresh. You could try manually adding buttons for social networks instead of using a plugin but this requires some programming knowledge.

    Here are a few other recommendations:

    I particularly like the last one and may switch to it at some point.

    I hope this helps.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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