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  • On Facebook I have my AppID, my AppSecret and my App Namespace. I have entered all this info into the Facebook General page on the WP Admin.

    I am trying to get the Facebook Like button to show in my sidebar. I can invoke the Addthis Widget under my posts and I can add other, standardized WP widgets to my sidebar, but all Facebook widgets fail.

    Here’s what’s in my functions.php

    function dp_widgets_init(){ /* using this for sidebar widgets, etc*/
    	register_sidebar (array (
    		'name'=>__('Sidebar Right', 'dp'),
    		'id'=> 'sidebar-1',
    		'description'=> __('Main page sidebar', 'dp'),
    	register_sidebar (array ( /*using under individual posts */
    		'name'=>__('Sidebar Subpost', 'dp'),
    		'id'=> 'widget-1',
    		'description'=> __('Under Post Social Plug', 'dp'),
    add_action( 'widgets_init', 'dp_widgets_init' );

    in my index page I call this…
    <?php dynamic_sidebar('widget-1'); ?>
    and it works great!

    in my sidebar.php, I call this…
    <?php dynamic_sidebar('sidebar-1'); ?>
    and it fails… but only when I use a Facebook widget. The calendar, tag cloud, etc.. all work..

    YES: I have checked off “show on ‘home’, ‘archive’, ‘post’, ‘page’, etc etc, so in theory this ought to work throughout the templates.

    Also: I noticed the like button through the admin has a minimum pixel width of 285 pixels, but when you add the widget and specify the dimensions through the drop-down on the widgets page, the minimum is 260 pixels.

    That’s a lot less of a problem to me than the plugin…

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